Warming Up Before A Round Of Golf

Do you take the time to warm up before you round of golf? Or do you arrive moments before your tee time and rush to the first tee? I can honestly say that I have taken my time and hurried before a round of golf. I will point out that for competitions, I arrive at least one hour before my round and go through a very focused warm up routine. After watching some professional golfers warm up, I feel that my routine is the right one for my game. In case there is any doubt, warming up is very important to playing my best golf.

Today’s article was inspired by Gaby Lopez. I came across a recent LPGA Facebook video (which I cannot display, but here is the link) Her 40 second video demonstrated where she feels her focus needs to be and I can say that my competition warm up routine is very similar. I chip a bit more and hit less irons. Here is an overview of her strokes during her 65 minute warm up regime.

If you are wondering, Lopez’s warm up numbers are very similar to on the worlds greatest golfers. The focus during their warmup is the short game. It makes sense that these, and other professionals, will focus their efforts where they expect to make the most strokes. Fortunately, I have espoused this point since the beginning; I guess I was on the mark.

On a normal round outside competition, I try to arrive at the course 40 minutes before my tee time to warm up a little in the driving net (we have not range at our golf course) and about 20 minutes on the putting/chipping green. During COVID restrictions, this time is less and sometimes the facilities are not open. However, this is a short term challenge. I believe that it is important to warm up before every round. I have found that when I do, I play my most consistent and low scoring golf. Low scores and warming up are directly related 90% of the time. Okay I made up the 90%, but it is very important and I think you understand my point.

Interestingly, my warm up routine also mirrors my practice routine. I try to spend most of my time working my short game. The only time I do not is when I am working on something specific with a longer club. Generally, I will take more time in a specific problem area when I have identified a potential issue while playing. That is what practice is for and I do not worry about the time spent in any one area when fixing a problem.

Warming up before playing is critical to consistent golf. It allows us to work out the kinks, engage our swing muscles, wake up the mind and trigger our body that the great deal of fun is about to begin. Do you have a warm up routine or do you just wing it?

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!


8 thoughts on “Warming Up Before A Round Of Golf

  1. Jim, interesting that she tracks chips and putts. I do not but can tell you how many full swings as I work through the bag. My warmup usually takes about the same time as hers.

    Yesterday, I took about 1.5 hours to warm up only to get dumped on after nine holes. Meh, such is spring golf.



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  2. Jim
    I just wing it. I spend time trying to stretch and limber up. When I played on the GTA amateur tour in Toronto, I’d get there an hour early. I hit full swings on irons, driver and 3 wood. A few putts for speed and zero chipping.
    I now see that was a huge mistake. I was always counting on a GIR so no need to chip – lol. I was pretty good chipping so I didn’t fear a chip or Texas wedge if needed.
    I think I need to get back to a good warmup routine. Thanks for the inspiration.

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  3. Hi Jim, I’m in the young family phase of my life and i usually leave the house with enough time to drive to the course to make my tree time (plus a ten minute buffer). Needless to say there’s not much time for practice! I do however work in a golf shop that had a simulator. I make sure I hit shots inside four days a week. I’m focusing on swing path for driver and kicking the chipping yips. This work is translating pretty well to the course during my fortnightly rounds. I really focus on temperament on course to give me a chance to hit what I’ve practiced.

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    • Leigh

      It is tough to have juggle golf, family, and other interests. Most of us have travelled the journey you are on and I can tell you it is never easy. At least you were able to take advantage of an indoor facility. That is so much more than the rest of us. I appreciate that you fly out the door and just make it to the course before your tee time, but that is a result of necessity vice apathy. It is all good and the only right answer is the one that works for your journey. Have an awesome day.

      Cheers Jim


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