Hitting Into The Sun

Every golf has hit their ball into the sun, thus making it extremely difficult to watch your ball. When playing with partners, they make a strong effort to see your ball, however, if they do use the proper technique all is for not. I have tried so many different techniques that I was frustrated to point of giving up. I thought, I cannot see the ball anyway, so lets just play a game of poker and hope the best. Of course, this did not go over well with my playing partners, so I had to find a better way to track the ball in the sun. And I did!

This is a perfect example of hitting into the sun.

I have tried holding my hand up over my eyes, it does not work. I tried using an umbrella, that did was very cumbersome. I have tried hold up my towel, nope it just go in the way. I tried to pull my hat down, but that just blocked out the ball. I even tried to walk off to the side to try and move the ball out of the sun so I could watch it until it stops. These techniques were less than effective. So, my search was on and about 20 years ago I was taught a new technique that I still use today.

Before you ask, sunglasses do not help this type of shot into the sun. Also, I generally do not wear sunglasses, so it is a mute point anyway.

Truthfully, I did not come up with this technique, I watched my playing partner do it naturally. As another player in the group their ball into the sun, he took his hat off, extended his arm, and looked naturally after the ball. His face did not squint, nor did he stop tracking the ball. Basically, he placed his hat between the sun and his face. His had engulfed his face in a shadow. It was an amazing thing and yet so simple.

The unintended lesson I learned that faithful day is one I carry with me today. I realize that this epiphany is something that is not earth shattering, but it really changed how I track the ball in the sun. Sometimes the simplest things make the biggest difference.

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!


4 thoughts on “Hitting Into The Sun

  1. I bought a nice hat from Tilley last year. It’s more than big enough to block out a few suns, but it stays on my head when I run into that situation which is most of the time since I prefer that time of day to get my round in over the mornings. I use my hand. It does the job fine and is easy to keep adjusting as the ball flies.

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  2. Jim, interesting technique. Got anything for the driving range? Yesterday, I was on mine at 0830 which faces east and the sun was shining. Usually, I’ll set up at one end and hit diagonally towards the far end of the range to avoid directly looking in the sun but it’s tough. You just can’t follow the ball in the air. Can be particularly difficult for players that like to play early (or late).



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