A Simple Weight Shift Explanation That Works

Mark Crossfield is a golf guru. He offers many common sense tips that amateurs can understand and emulate. His recent video is one that I never clued in on until he started talking about our weight shift with the driver. After watching the video, it makes perfect sense and I am surprised I never thought of it before. I guess you can teach an old dog new tricks.

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Weight Transfer In Your Golf Swing

If you are new to golf or you want to improve your swing, then weight transfer has been on your list of areas to improve. I find that weight transfer poses a challenge from time to time because I forget to properly transfer my weight from my trail foot to my lead foot. Golf is a game played from the ground up and understanding the proper method to transfer our weight is critical to improving all areas of our game. Also, I found a great drill to help improve our weight shift that is simple and repeatable.

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Balance and Weight Shift During My Golf Swing

One of the benefits of playing golf with all levels of players is to watch and analysis different golf swings. I was fortunate enough to play in a fun scramble tournament on Friday for my work place: 22 Wing North Bay. My team was made up of a beginner, an intermediate player, long hitter, and myself. As I watched the other three players swing away, I realized just how important my balance and weight shift is to my game.

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