Balance and Weight Shift During My Golf Swing

One of the benefits of playing golf with all levels of players is to watch and analysis different golf swings. I was fortunate enough to play in a fun scramble tournament on Friday for my work place: 22 Wing North Bay. My team was made up of a beginner, an intermediate player, long hitter, and myself. As I watched the other three players swing away, I realized just how important my balance and weight shift is to my game.

Specifically, I noticed that they made great contact when they were balanced during set up and applied and even weight shift through their swing. I found that, for the most part, my balance set up was steady, but my weight shift was erratic. This minor swing hitch was likely because I was trying to keep up with the big hitter and over-swinging. This is not uncommon for me, but something I am constantly aware of to prevent.

My weight shift is very delicate and has to be timed perfectly and it is something I do struggle with all the time. I have a tendency not to shift my weight as much as I should; this is a know swing error. Interestingly, when I do apply the proper weight shift, I hit the ball long and straight. But, for some reason I forget this lesson and bounce back and forth between shifting and not.

Sean Foley has a very good video about the importance of the weight shift:

Well, I have identified a challenge and I might be shelving the fix until the winter training. I do not have the time right now as I am working on my GIR stat and putting. I can only do so many things at once. Regardless, it is on my list and hopefully this will help improve my game.

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!

6 thoughts on “Balance and Weight Shift During My Golf Swing

  1. Hi Jim,
    I have a weight balance problem at the moment, I have put it down to the very strong winds we are experiencing at the moment. The tendency is to swing hard when playing into the wind, that does not work. Looking forward to the summer.

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  2. Jim, I suspect your desire to improve GIR is directly correlated with your weight shift observations. Always something to work on 🙂 You had recently posted that you were pulling your irons which probably means you’re not starting your downswing with that good weight shift into a firm left side. Could be a tough nut to crack and might be a good topic for discussion with an instructor.

    Good luck!


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  3. In the video, Mr. Foley only shows the weight shift occuring in the backswing. You mentioned that your tendency is too little there. Mine is the opposite. I tend to shift too much and then get stuck unable to switch back. I have to be conscience of that and before beginning my swing make sure I have a little extra weight on my left (or lead) side. That helps keep me from getting stuck and sets me up for a descending blow into the ball. If I fail to remember, the chance of a fat shot increases dramatically.


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