New World Number One!

Arnold Palmer Invitational 1Is it possible that Adam Scott will take over as world number one?  His play at the Arnold Palmer Invitational is nothing short of fantastic.  After the second round, Scott will have an 7 shot lead and if he continues to play well, he should take over as the number one golfer in the world.  But…..

ABC reports :” The complex world ranking system assigns points to an event based on the current world rankings of those playing and while official projections are not computed until all players begin the event it appears a win for Scott would still leave him fractionally short of Woods.

Had Day been able to play, a win for Scott in Woods’s absence would have most likely been enough to take the top spot.

Regardless, a win would at the very least get him close enough to pass Woods at the Masters with a higher finish than the American, even if he did not defend.”

Does this seem fair?  It is very difficult to determine how the world rankings are calculated. I have tried to follow the process, but I am always tripped up by the ‘strength of the field’ and ‘head to head’ competition.  I am sure the golfing experts use an algorithm that would stump Albert Einstein, but it seems to work for them.  Regardless, Adam Scott is playing outstanding and if he stays focused, should cruise to a win at Palmer’s tournament.

On a side note, I wanted to point out a statement by Adam Scott posted by White Dragon Golf:  ” I made a lot of putts today, and a lot of putts from considerable length. I hit a lot of nice shots, too, but it wasn’t like I was hitting it four feet. ….”  Scott’s comment reinforces the recent discussion on focused putting and breaking 100 with consistency.  An amateur’s and professional’s short game can be the difference between an average score and a great score.

As the this weekends event unfolds, Should Adam Scott be crowned world number one if the wins the Arnold Palmer invitational?

I am a grateful golfer!  See you on the links!