Fixing Ball Marks

First Tee at Laurentide

First Tee at Laurentide

This morning was fabulous!  As I walked to the first tee at my home course Laurentide, I was grateful for the warm, clear, and peaceful surroundings.  What a fantastic way to start your day!

Each day I try to set a goal to improve my over all game.  Today was fixing ball marks on the green.  I know, you are thinking fixing ball marks – what does that have to do with scoring well?  It is interesting you should ask.  I try to make a ball mark on the green every hole.  This tells me that I made a decent approach shot.  Sometimes I reach the green in regulation, others ….. well you know.  As a treat, I fix my ball mark (I know many people have a bad back and cannot bend over) plus one more.  When I do not leave a ball mark, I fix one anyway.  By setting the goal of leaving a ball mark on the green, it helps me focus on my approach shots and as a result a lower score.

The weather is going to be fantastic this weekend and I hope everyone enjoys their time on the links.

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