So Now What?

The bulk of the Christmas celebrations is over for most people.  The children have experienced multiple sugar highs, thrills of new gifts, and the joys of being with family. With much of the excitement over….Now What?

For most, it will be back to work and the routine of their lives.  The excitement of “I am off on Friday to the doldrums of heading to work on Monday” will again start cycling through. Such is the end of the Christmas season.

For some, it will be time to reflect about what just happened and wonder where the time went.  And alas, others will be planning their yearly trip to the golf store.

Sometime between now and 2014, I will be making my annual trek to Golf Town.  It is our big box store that has great sales and the opportunity to try new equipment.  For the past 4 years, I have made this trip with my friend Blair, but because of my recent move he will not be joining me this year.  But, the tradition must continue!

I make this solemn trip every year and use it to kick off to my upcoming golf season.  This year, I am looking for a new 3-wood and possible putter.  The 3-wood is my priority and the putter if I see a great deal.  I have used the same putter for 10 years with great success, but I feel it is a bit heavy on the blade and it may be time for a change.  For the past 3 years, I have experimented with new 3-woods, but have not found one that I hit well. Maybe this is the year!

So as we prepare for the new golf season, remember that no matter how well you play, how low you score or if you shoot a hole-in-one, take time to reflect and be grateful. Grateful for the important things in life: our loved ones, our health, and our friends.

One last point, thanks to our military personnel deployed or working away from their families this Christmas season .  I am grateful for your sacrifice!

DART Team Deployed

Local citizens wrote ”Thank You Canada” on the roof of their house to thank the Canadian Armed Forces for their contribution in the Philippines during Operation RENAISSANCE in Roxas City, Philippines on December 12, 2013.

I am a grateful golfer!  See you on the links!

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