There is Still Hope for Tiger

Moving day at the Wyndham Championship was very exciting. Moving up the leaderboard is important because the winner of this event earns their way into the FedEx Cup and a chance to win over 10 million dollars. Many of the players are on the bubble and a win will vault them over the top.

After 54 holes, Jason Gore and Jonas Blixt are already in the upcoming playoffs and a win will put them deep into the field. Tiger Woods has to win the Wyndham to make it into the playoffs. He has played well enough to have a chance, however moving day was not the results he anticipated.

Shooting a -2, he lost ground to the leader who shot a -8. In the big scheme of things, the results on Saturday did not hurt Tiger. Currently tied for second, tomorrow will be an exciting day for many players. Personally, I hope Tiger charges tomorrow and pulls off the win. 

It is because I am a huge Tiger fan, but I believe he has lots of great golf left. This win would do wonders for his mental attitude and quietening many of the nay sayers about his performance of late. At 39, I suggest it is far to early for him to retire, but time to make a comeback and have a Vijay Singh time career in his 40s.

Tomorrow is going to be exciting and there is plenty of hope for Tiger to pull it off. What do you think? Will Tiger Woods win the Wyndham Championship?

I am a grateful golfer. See you on the links!

6 thoughts on “There is Still Hope for Tiger

  1. Jim,

    I agree with you that Tiger has a lot of great golf left in him, despite not getting the win at Wyndham. I think a lot of his biggest critics don’t realize how difficult it is to do what he is trying to do (come back from injuries, make swing changes), all while under intense scrutiny. I commend him for his efforts and his ability to never give up. Next season should be a much better showing for him.


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    • Josh

      I agree. It appears that the media has made a sport of slamming that player they revered just 5 years ago. Yes, he has made mistakes, but enough is enough. He has had many injuries through the years and at 39, it takes longer to recover. Next year will really tell the tale as to his ability to play. Great to hear from you.


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  2. Jim, Tiger is certainly playing better, especially with his driver. At Wyndham, the field is weak, the course is not very demanding, so I’d say Tiger has a chance. With the ability to hit irons off of several tees, Tiger picked the proper venue to try and get the train back on the tracks. Ultimately I think someone in better form, like a Simpson, Casey, or Snedeker wins it, but what do I know. Enjoy the theater!


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