Golfing in a Haze

teeing off!

The Golfing Haze!

Have you ever played a round of golf and when you were finished could not really remember how the round went? You perform each stroke like a robot; basically going through the motions with no real intent! The slightest things distract you and you actually welcome the distraction. This scenario happens a couple of times a year; I am all excited to play, yet my mind is now where near the course.

This is what my golf haze is like:

  • I walk up to the tee and immediately grab my driver where it is needed or not. Go to the middle of the tee box and tee up my ball. Go through the motions of lining up my shot, but not really focus on anything. The I hit the ball (hoping it goes down the middle).
  • I walk up to my ball, grab a club about 20 yards before I get there and decide what shot I am going to hit. Regardless of the lie or position of the pin, stand over the ball and hit!
  • As I walk towards the green, I grab a wedge thinking it is the right club. I walk up to my ball and hit it without looking at the break, grain, or if my ball is above or below the hole.
  • I grab my putter and pretend to line up my ball; and intentionally lag putt to reduce my high scores and feel grateful if the ball actually sinks.
  • As I walk to the next tee, my mind wanders to many topics except golf!
  • This process lasts for most of the round. Basically going through the motions without any real intent to play well. Most players would leave after 9-holes, but being ever the optimist I push through to 18. I am not happy or sad, just indifferent. This is my golfing haze!

Golfing in a haze is caused by many reasons! It could be caused by a lack of coffee, too much work, your favorite sports team lost, the sun is shining, or your playing partner is a non-stop chatter! Everyone has a different intensity of haze, but ultimately it the effects on their golf game is the same.

The haze is not a bad thing, it just happens. I think ever golfer experiences the golfing haze at one time. The trick is to respond in a positive way next time you hit the links! Have you ever played golf in a haze?

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!



6 thoughts on “Golfing in a Haze

  1. Aloha Jim,

    You have just accurately described more of my rounds than I care to admit. The haze usually happens when I am working and have background requirements. I don’t know anything to do about it, if my whole mind is not in the game – it is just not there. Accept it and try to have fun anyway!

    A Hui Hou,

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  2. Jim,

    I don’t think you’re alone here! I think there’s a fine line between being in a haze and being in the zone. I find that in both situations you aren’t thinking about your swing, which is good, but in a haze your thoughts are negative and on the wrong things, and in the zone your thoughts stay positive and you get immersed in your target. They have similarities yet produce drastically different results. Think there’s a way to channel a haze into the zone?


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    • Josh,

      You are right that it is a fine line between awesome and being in a haze. I find that one really good shot snaps me out of a haze. Also, forcing myself to focus on the job at hand by talking to myself about clearing my mind except for positive golf. The second process is much harder to accomplish.


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