Mental Preparation for Golf Season


Golf season is almost here!

With golf season a couple of weeks away, I like to take the time to mentally prepare for playing golf. No, this is not another discussion on mental focus or toughness, although we could take about that for hours, but this is about mentally preparing to have fun.

Golf is a simple game, yet some players forget that it is a game. We are not professionals who rely on golf to pay the bills, it is an activity we intentionally dedicate time and money to enjoy. And if we are not enjoying it, what is the point!

Before the season start I like to think of some of the fun shots I made or saw last year to reaffirm in my mind that golf is suppose to be fun the new season will soon be upon us.

During 2015, I play about 80 rounds of golf. During these rounds I was fortunate to witness some interesting things that would be considered highlights.

The most enjoyable was watching my fried break 80 for the first time ever! He flirted with this milestone for ever and he finally shot in the 70s. Additionally, he followed that up with a few more sub 80 rounds. His joy and relief were worth the price of admission.

I play Wildfire Golf Club in Peterborough, Ontario. This course was the best of the year. Our friend and greens keeper at Roundel Glen Golf Course set it up. What a thrill to play a course that PGATour Canada plays. Gives me a whole new appreciation of how good professional golfers really are!

I relive my sub-par rounds of the past. I think of the successful shots that lead to shooting below par and some of the ‘lucky’ shots that saved par. In all cases, my short game was on fire. I also focus on the feelings and sensations of play golf well, this aspect is often over looked and is a powerful reminder of how fun golf really is.

Lastly, I relish in the fun of playing golf with my wife. As my best fried, the time we spend together on the links is worth savouring. I hope to repeat these awesome experiences more this year.

Golf season is approaching. I do take the time to mentally prepare by framing my thoughts that golf is fun to play. This small exercise keeps my mind focused on the positive and helps open my mind fun the fun experiences to come!

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!


6 thoughts on “Mental Preparation for Golf Season

  1. Hey Jim that is awesome that your wife plays. My beautiful wife doesn’t golf but will walk the course with me if we are somewhere special. When I played Chambers Bay I had a caddy and Laura walked the course with me. As for Wildfire in Peterborough – it’s an awesome golf course. I have played it 3 times as part of the GTA Amateur golf tour run by Mark Young. At the time I was a single digit capper and we played it at 6700 yes and lightening fast greens. It’s such a fabulous golf course.


    • Linley

      I am very happy Teri, my wife, is starting to play more golf. I hope it is something she continues to enjoy. Wildfire was awesome. I am hoping to play there again this year. We played the Blues, 6400 yards, It was great fun and the greens are still very fast!


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  2. Jim,

    That is a great pre-season exercise! Like you said, if we can’t go out there and have fun, what’s the point! Regardless of what else drives us to play and do well, fun should always be a common denominator.


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