Ready, Set, Wait – Wait – Wait

The northern Canada golf season was off to a fantastic start! The sun was hot, the courses open and the excitement of playing over the top. Then suddenly, the weather turned cold…..again! For me to say it is cold means it has really turned cold. Additionally, it is wet and very windy. This combination only leads me to believe that Mother Nature has a very sick sense of humor! Continue reading


Forget the Past and Embrace Your Future

Our future successes on the golf course are limitless. I truly believe that I can improve my state of play every time I hit the links. If I did not, then what would be the point of playing? Wait, there is the joy of hitting a pure shot, watching the ball flight of a perfectly struck 7-iron and the sound of the ball dropping after a 50 foot putt; but these things are a given and speak to the pure enjoyment side of golf. But what about being a better player; where is that rooted? Continue reading

Golf’s Dreaded 3 Putt

I hate to 3 putt!

Golf is a funny game. To score well, it is important to have a well-rounded game that fires on all cylinders. I know this because over my experience has taught me that any weakness or flaw will be accentuated under pressure. Of course pressure is relative to every player and what bothers me may not bother you. Such is the nature of golf.

However, there is one part of our game that is essential to low scores. Being a consistent putter is more important than a strong short game, booming drives, or precision approach shots. If the flat stick is not working, the rest of your game does not matter. Let me explain. Continue reading

What Are Your First Thoughts on Golf

The golf season is finally upon us. Having played 3 times this week, I am ready for a short break. However, the euphoria of finally playing is far from wearing off. For many of my fellow Canadians (Mike and Josh), the long wait is over and we are starting to hone our game. But there is something we should remember as we took our first swing of 2017 – the feeling! Continue reading

A Golf Decision on Video Replay

The USGA and R&A have finally made a decision on video call ins from fans. After the a crazy year of armchair referees calling in to challenge and effectively award unrealistic penalty strokes on professional golfers, the governing bodies of golf have made a decision. Unfortunately, their direction is weak and does not address the root of the problem! Continue reading