“Stop Guessing” Fixes for Your Golf Game

I like expand my knowledge and understanding in many areas in the hopes that it will improve my golf game. As such, from time to time I provide my opinion on books in areas of leadership, golf, and in this case problem-solving. I embrace these opportunities and as a result, my library continues to grow with interesting information that ultimately will help my golf game.

Here is what I wrote about Nat Greene’s book Stop Guessing.

To start off, I want to recommend a book I recent read a very interesting book on problem solving by Nat Greene. In Stop Guessing, the author outlined 9 behaviors need by problem solvers. At first, considering myself a very good problem solver, I expected a dry book on problem solving methodologies. Well I have to say I was pleasantly surprised that Greene opened my closed mind to problem solving pitfalls (and solutions) that would greatly improve my ability to develop solutions to root problems based on facts and not opinion.

 Greene made some interesting statements and one sticks out in my mind as profound about the experts approach to problem-solving, “The smart, knowledgeable people who had worked on the issue so far had been trained in a number of problem-solving approaches that relied on experience or guesswork, or sometimes both together.” After a few moments of introspection, I realized that I very well might fit into that category. And maybe it was time to change my approach to finding solutions.

The author’s style of writing is conducive to an easy read for everyone. It does not drowned us in technical jargon that makes for good reading before a nap, but offers examples that most readers can relate to with an understanding nod. Stop Guessing is worth the read because of the knowledge nuggets riddled throughout the book; the nine behaviors of great problem solvers are lessons that span all age groups and topics.

So how does this book help improve my golf game you may ask, well that is a great question. Greene highlights 9 important behaviors to problem-solving, I think two are extremely important to note.

The first is “smelling the problem”. This behavior is about figuring out the problem from a fact based approach. Examining what is really going wrong and focusing on all the symptoms to produce a focused area to concentrate your efforts. Finding the root cause of your issues is key to making positive improvements in your game.

Second, is to stop guessing the solution. Many golfers ask fellow amateurs and other sources for a solution that is based on experience. This approach is really an educated guess because the course of action provided is not based on facts, only opinion. This behavior is time-consuming, frustrating and costly. Greene points to using experts who actually examine the facts before providing a solution. In our case, a local golf professional would be very helpful.

Nat Greene’s book is not about golf. However, his 9 behaviors can easily be applied by anyone looking to improve their golf game. I enjoyed reading his book and I am grateful I have increase my knowledge and understanding on how to problem-solve my golf game.

Stop Guessing: The 9 Behaviors of Great Problem Solvers by Nat Greene is a book I would recommend it you are looking fix some challenges within your golf swing.

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!

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