36 Hole Golf Tournament To Make The Team

Today is the first round of our yearly 36 hole stroke play tournament. As in previous years, this tournament determines the the top 5 male and top 2 female golfers at my military base. These top players will represent my Unit at the Ontario Golf Regions in Petawawa in September. This is a yearly event for me and I look forward to hitting the links tomorrow.

This year’s base event is a few weeks earlier than normal, but I think I am ready. Although I would like to win and be named team Captain, the first order of business is to make the team. Our field is very small at this time (only 10 players), but I feel confident that over the 36 holes I will score well enough to make the team.

We are playing winter rules through the green with lift clean and place in every area except the hazards. Our course is still very wet, so this is a good call. Normally, I am ‘play the ball where it lies’ kind of player, however the course has a chance to impact the scores so this ruling will make it fair for everyone.

My plan this year is to play safe the first round and shoot somewhere in the 70s. This is a very reasonable goal considering my play of late. Additionally, I will not pin hunt. Middle of the green will be my target and then let my putter carry me to low scores. My flat stick is working very well so this will be a good move.

Lastly, I need to focus on my game. Chatting the entire way around takes me off my game a little. Therefore, focusing on my game and leaving the discussions to after the round will be my plan. I only know one of my playing partners tomorrow, so this strategy should be fairly easy.

That is it for now, I will update everyone tonight after my round.

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!

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