The Joy of Golf

To play any sport or participate in any activity, there must be a joy, happiness, or elation we get from putting forth that effort. If not, why would we go through all the effort to be active. Golf is no different from any other sport, but unlike other sports it provides so much more! There are few sports out there with the ability to touch all aspects of an athlete’s psyche and leave them wanting for more! Continue reading


Fixing My Alignment and Golf Stance

I am always looking for the ‘right’ way to hold my club, place my feet, and adjust my posture. I have read many articles, watch countless videos, and watch the pros adjust and set up their swing. Many claim to know the answer to our woes, but in reality they are trying to provide a solution to a sight unseen golf swing. Would we buy a car sight unseen? Likely not, so I ask myself why am I trying to fix my alignment or stance through recommendations and ideas that do not take into account on how I align or stand when making a golf shot. Continue reading

Swinging Your Golf Club To Hard

Let the big dog eat! Grip it and rip it! How many times have I heard players say it was the only way to play golf. Hit the ball with a full swing and let it fly! I can appreciate their intent, however I think they are miss interpreting what these sayings actually mean. Taking a rip at the ball does mean to swing out of your shoes, but taking a full controlled swing. If this seems like crazy talk you need to keep reading! Continue reading

As My Golf Season Comes to an End

Well, it will not be long now before I put my clubs are away for good. As the weather starts to turn and the weather cools down, it is almost time to pack up my gear and focus on preparing for winter. I realize some will say that it is way too early and that I can sneak in many more rounds, but experience tells me that once October comes, playing golf becomes less of a priority. Do not fear, it is not quite time to stop playing, but it is getting close. Continue reading

What is the Strongest Part of Your Golf Game?

What is the strongest part of your golf game? Have you ever really sat down and gave this very important question any thought? Generally, we ask what is the weakest part of your game and many jump to that answer without hesitation. But, trying to ascertain the strongest part of our game is more challenging. It forces us to really examine our game and realize what we think is our strongest game is not. In case you are wondering, our strengths shift throughout the season and it is important to have a process to distinguish where to focus our practice and adjust our course management. Continue reading