Swinging Your Golf Club To Hard

Let the big dog eat! Grip it and rip it! How many times have I heard players say it was the only way to play golf. Hit the ball with a full swing and let it fly! I can appreciate their intent, however I think they are miss interpreting what these sayings actually mean. Taking a rip at the ball does mean to swing out of your shoes, but taking a full controlled swing. If this seems like crazy talk you need to keep reading!

I was talking to some like-minded golfers on twitter and we were discussing our golf swings. One person in particular, who happens to be a pro caddie, suggested that most golf swings should be made at 90% of your grip it and rip it speed. At first I thought he was dragging me down the rabbit hole, but after thinking about it Bruce was absolutely right.

When I am playing my best, I am swing under control and never as hard as I can! I can actually feel all the components of my swing in sync and as a result I make solid contact virtually all the time. By swinging at 90%, my game seems to elevate to a new level! So, why oh why, do I try to over-swing my clubs? Especially, during tournaments!

During my 54 hole stroke tournament last week, I found myself trying to hit the ball harder and harder as the holes progressed. Mentally, I failed to play my game and as such I felt out of sync and struck the ball very poorly. It seemed that the more I tried, the harder I tried to hit the ball. What a mistake!

I wish I had talked to Bruce before the tournament. His advice would have been invaluable. Even though I am playing to a 4.2 handicap, I sometimes forget that less is more. If only I had this discussion a week earlier, I would have been reminded by Bruce about how swing tempo makes a difference in my game.

I have to remember this important swing tip in the future. I think I need to develop a mantra of some kind or an elastic around my wrist. Do you have a method to remember important swing tips? If you do, please share!

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!

Written by Jim Burton from The Grateful Golfer blog.

10 thoughts on “Swinging Your Golf Club To Hard

  1. Hey Jim, so true, hitting the ball at less than flat out always gets better results.

    I used to hit the paint of the little white critter every time and as we all know, on good days, it goes really well. But not many days were that good because it is sooooo difficult to keep your timing right, your club face square, your angle of attack correct and so on when you are swinging at 3 billion miles an hour.

    My coach has drilled it into me that 80% is more than enough and when I have deliberately played a whole 18 holes concentrating on 80% max, I played so much better, in control, in the fairway!!

    The ironic thing is, a well struck 80%er will go farther than a flat out swing because your grip is less like strangling something and more like holding something with care, which in turn can increase your club head speed at impact.

    So we have now got this new theory and understand it, we have tried it out and know it works through our own evidence, so why do we go back to swinging like a madman at times? For me, I think it is lack of concentration for some reason and that could be for many reasons: are you tired today and just not with it? Have you had a stimulant before playing, such as a cup of coffee?

    Often I feel like I am swinging in control but my buddies will say I am going back to the old swing and I am just not aware of ti.

    1 thing that may help is to find a golfers name that you can think of while making a swing that reflects the tempo you want, not a swing the length of time it takes to think ‘Ernie Els’ but something nearer to ‘S e v e r i a n o B a l l e s t e r o s!’

    Swing easy guys!

    Paul at Team Blind Apple


    • Paul

      We are definitely on the same page. I like your Seve reference. I will have to give that a try. Yesterday (Monday) I shot a 3 over par and did not try to swing out of my shoes once. I guess that paves the way for my future rounds.



  2. Jim, trying to hit it hard never works for me. Recently I was spraying my driver and went back for a lesson. Turns out I was getting quick on the downswing. My instructor had me hold my backswing at the top for two seconds (as a drill) and then swing. The tempo, timing, and solid contact returned immediately. When I’m hitting it my best, I’m just using what I’ll call a “stock” shot from a specific yardage. Never thinking about trying to hit a club hard.



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  3. Ah. How true. Now I’m not a big dog man myself, using a 3 wood off the tee, as that goes far enough for me to deal with whatever arises. But if I try to go for it, almost inevitably I will hit it low left. In a lesson last week, my best ball speed was on the ‘easy’ swings. My go-to mantra is ‘push it back, pull it through’. If recited in the head during the swing, it brings a certain rhythm and tempo with it. Cheers, Rob.

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  4. I didn’t break 80 until after I stopped trying to kill it all the time. A 90% max swing works best for me for sure. I’d say it’s been the hardest lesson to learn for me too. I fight it all the time still.

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