What Size is Your Putter Grip?

In the past 10 years or so, golf equipment has changed dramatically. The technological advancements are staggering and I find it difficult to keep up with all the changes. A quick look at Golf.com shows that 90 new clubs were released in 2017. Of course this number is spread across all the manufacturers, but that is a ridiculous number! In the mix of all this change over the years, smaller, less noticeable changes occurred and one of them was the size of the putter grip. This might seem like an inconsequential change, but I think this ‘behind the scene’ difference is a game changer.

I experimented with all four sizes of putter grips. Each has its benefits and drawbacks, but I can say that choosing the right grip size is a personal choice. After a quick survey, there is was no clear winner, but a medium grip received the most votes.

As I transitioned through each grip, I noticed several points that helped me make my decision. On a side note, I would not have figured these out without some research and actually trying each grip. I think that the test runs were the critical factor that helped me expand my understanding and knowledge of the importance of the size of my putter grip. After much effort I finally decided on a medium-sized grip. I can use a large grip, but that depends on the manufacturer, the size ratings can vary slightly.

Here is what I noticed:

  • The size (thickness) of the grip had a direct relation to reducing the movement of wrists during my stroke. Basically, the thicker the grip, the more my wrists locked. This reduction in movement was beneficial to help keep my wrists and arms in proper position during contact. Additionally, for my stroke there was a point where the grip was too thick and was too restrictive.
  • The wider my hands spread, the more feel I had moving the club. I have wide hands, but not long fingers so spreading them out a bit with a thicker grip really worked increasing my touch. This is very important for my judging the speed of a putt. During longer putts, I could feel the contact of the ball. The narrower the grip, the less touch I had; additionally, I can say that the over-sized grip deadened my touch as well. I am not sure why the narrowest and widest grip negatively affect my touch, but it did.
  • Lastly, a wider grip fit perfectly for the position of my hands. I use a traditional putting grip and the slightly wider finger position seemed to greatly improve my confidence. The grip I use feels the most comfortable while I hold my putter and as such, improves the mental side of my putting.

As I said earlier, increasing the size of the putter grip might seem like an inconsequential change, but I think it is a game changer. As the club manufactures keep releasing ‘new technology’ every month or so, other less technological changes like the size of a putter grip are having the same or greater impact!

What is the size of your putter grip?

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!

Written by Jim Burton from The Grateful Golfer blog.

4 thoughts on “What Size is Your Putter Grip?

  1. Three years ago I fitted a SuperStroke Slim 3.0 grip on the recommendation of my then teaching pro. Took a bit of initial adjustment but it was, as you suggest, a major technological advance, and I’m really glad I made the change. Certainly wouldn’t go back to a ‘thin’ grip. Cheers, Rob.

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  2. Over-sized for me. For the same reasons you state. My grip is not conventional though. I like to extend my right finger down the side. Maybe it’s because I have small wrists but it feels more stable back and through that way.

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