Building a Strong Putting Routine

Since purchasing my putter a few months back, I believe I have subconsciously decided that this will be my focus over the next 5 months. Without question I will continue to train and prepare physically, but I think I need to work on all things putting. It is something that most players would naturally support, however in my case I am going to start from the ground up. I will leave nothing for granted and will examine everything.

Over the years, my putting has gone through some peaks and valleys. But mostly, it was the most consistent part of my game. Last year, it was still very solid, however I think it can be better. The only way to know is to dissect all the aspects of my putting and try different things. I am not 100% sure of where I need to start because I take a ‘whole approach’ to putting.

This change to my golf game is going to be the most difficult I have attempted in many years. I am going to examine my core fundamentals of my short game with the intent of trying to find something better. I realize this may be an exercise in futility, but I feel it is something that needs to be tried. I have 5 months to effect a positive change and if not, then I can say that I tried and that my current putting routine is the best for my game.

This little adventure is going to be fun. I think I will learn the pros and cons of trying different putting techniques that will help me in the future. Regardless, I will be sharing my findings in the hopes that it helps our game as well.

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links.

10 thoughts on “Building a Strong Putting Routine

  1. Hi Jim.
    Making an effort to work on our game during winter is tough but putting is that one area that’s a little easier. Last year I acquired a Birdie Ball green for indoor practice and along with a commitment to carry that outdoors this year, my putting improved greatly. Have some fun with it and I hope the new putter brings you success and enjoyment!
    Cheers, Mike.

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  2. I recently read Bob Rotella’s book “Putting Out of Your Mind” and I really like the advice that there are no perfect putting mechanics so “Fall in love with the stroke you have.” There are a lot of other great mental tips but I bet you have already read his book. Good luck!


  3. There is one thing that I didn’t expect or really consider when I started practicing my putting regularly. I just wanted to more consistently hit my line to begin with. But I learned a little something extra by trying to add some extra fun to the practice routine. In fact it had two advantages for me I wasn’t looking for. I have a set of 6 holes that were given me as a Christmas gift that I can set up on the carpet. Each hole is just big enough to squeeze 5 balls into in a pentagon pattern. You need to arrange the first four to get the last on in though. But instead of rolling that 5th ball into the last space after I arrange them, I try and roll it just hard enough to roll up on top of the other four. My thought at the time, other than added fun, was to simulate a longer putt. It takes a pretty accurate putt to do it as you have to hit center cup and get the speed right. If you get the speed just right, you can see the ball spin as it tries to claw it’s way up. I found that a fun practice, but later realized that sometimes there was more spin than others. I wasn’t being all that consistent with my forward lean. Sometimes it would look like no spin, sometimes a little and others it looked like it should be shooting a rooster tail.

    So I used that to learn to add to my setup routine to insure I always get about the same amount of forward spin in the ball. The other thing that procedure ended up helping with was I have more confidence with being aggressive with a putt. Not only have I hit many thousands of 7 footers in my office this year which alone makes a hole seem larger but at least 20% of those are hit at a speed that if it missed would go 6 feet by to get them roll up and stop on top of the rest so when I stand over a putt on the course, finding the back of the cup is something I can attempt with confidence.

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