The Dangers of Watching Golf

As a spectator, you should be safe watching golf on the course. There are many stories of people being hit by the ball and this appears to be an acceptable risk of being at a live sporting event. I guess that is true when there are thousands of people mulling about, however what about when the course is not pack and you can stand just about anywhere. Should standing in a safe spot be a consideration when viewing professional golf? placed this video on Twitter and as I watched the smooth swing of Jordan Spieth, I noticed a group of people standing in what I consider as a dangerous spot. What do you think?

The closest group on the right are the first ones to catch my eye. I realize it is Jordan Spieth and not The Grateful Golfer hitting the ball, but, Are they not in a real danger zone for a miss hit? It looks like they are 30 yards off the tee in the perfect miss hit spot.

Next are the people down the fairway. It looks like Spieth used them as a target and hit his ball directly at them. Personally, these people are in slightly less danger, but if that is the target line, then it becomes the danger zone. Likely, Spieth will draw the ball, however it not, then they are in the landing area.

I have never attended a professional golf tournament, but it seems to me that there are danger areas when watching. Am I off base here or not? What do you thing?

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!

16 thoughts on “The Dangers of Watching Golf

  1. Jim,

    Although people do get hit on occasion, if you consider the number of people attending vs the number of people who get hit, the odds aren’t very good. Although I’ve been close to someone who was hit (next to a par 5 green with most players going for it in 2), I’ve never felt unsafe at a professional event.

    (Also, you should really go to one! It’s amazing to see how good they are in person)



  2. I can’t count the number of times a spectator has done something stupid like snap a picture or something and caused a pro to hit a bad shot. And at the speed the balls travels when they hit it, I thinks it’s a wonder someone hasn’t been seriously hurt or even killed by a ball to the head when people line the tee box as they do in a pro tounament. I’ve been to see them play many times over the years since I live less than an hour from Copperhead and I make sure to stay clear of areas where the worst could happen. Down range is safer. At least if your hit there, the ball isn’t traveling 150+ mph anymore.
    We joke about needing hard hats at my home course because the fairways are tightly packed and I’ve seen plenty of people get hit there and had some close calls myself over the years. But I’ve never seen and have no desire to see someone hit in the head.
    At least at a pro tourny there is medical help in attendance. I guess that makes it just a little safer. But I still prefer to keep the chance as small as I can. I know it hurts because I hit my little brother once when he walked on to a green instead of waiting until after I hit. I screamed 4, he raised his hand to block and the ball hit his hand as it was coming up. I thank him for that often. The ball bounced off his hand to stop inches from the hole and saved my par. That was a close call though. If he were a half step faster, it would have landed on his head. And he pays better attention to what the rest of his foursome are doing now.

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  3. Well, my first reaction was, Wow, you have never been to a professional golf event? If you have the chance go to an LPGA event because the crowds are less and you can see great golf. And, yes, I agree with you that some spectators are taking their life in their own hands especially when the pros are in the trees and you see folks 20-30 yards ahead leaning in to see the shot.

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  4. Jim, attending a professional tournament is no less safe than going to a baseball game. Plus you get to choose where you sit. As long as you’re familiar with the course you can remain out of the line of flight for all but the worst shots. Plus, if you get bopped, you might get an autographed glove out of it 🙂



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