Playing Golf Where We Can

Do you love to play golf? Do you take every opportunity to play a round regardless of where you are? As I aged, I have tried to play golf in different countries, but I am an amateur compared to some of my friends. They are true golfing adventurers and I envy their passion to play different courses around the world. 

For me, I have played golf in four different countries: The UK, the United Arab Emirates, USA and of course Canada. I have played multiple rounds on different courses and have loved each adventure. Each provided the opportunity to in different conditions from very cold to very hot, wet, dry, sleet, hail, rain and beautiful sunny days.

Northwood Golf Course, Middlesex, UK

The most interesting thing about playing golf in different countries is the similarities. The courses are basically the same and the conditions for the most part were very good. They all had proshops and staff that enjoying talking golf. Overall, if I did not know I was in a different country, I would never have known.

The approach shot to a green at the Hampton Court Palace Golf Course.

Playing golf in different countries might be in my future, but I think I need to add playing golf in different provinces and states. It is realistic that when I travel in my retirement I can play in different locations. And to add to this excitement of playing new courses, it will be a great challenge to my game.

How many countries have you played golf in?

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!

4 thoughts on “Playing Golf Where We Can

  1. Well, I haven’t played out of country, but I have played in multiple states. I did some traveling to other countries before I took up the game, but I don’t really think about it playing in other countries when I haven’t even been able to play half the local courses. There are more courses within an hours drive of my house than some entire countries have so the opportunity to play a variety is not an issue. Though I will say that a few courses I’ve played up in the mountains added a new dimension to the game for me. There aren’t any courses in Florida that can offer the amount of elevation changes available in other parts of the country and I appreciate those opportunities.


    • Kevin

      I understand your point. Personally, each course, regardless of location, offers something different. Playing in a different country also adds a bit of culture to the experience that I enjoyed. The actually playing of golf was about the same. Florida is fairly unique because he has some many courses. Within an hours drive of my house are 8 courses and 3 I would not consider playing. I guess it is all relative.



  2. Jim, three countries for me. U.K., Bermuda, and USA. I have traveled every year for golf in the last 15, but it’s always to Myrtle Beach. In fact, I’ve only played in 12 states during a 45 year playing career. I need to get out more.



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    • Brian

      Feel the same. I have a friend who is in the 11+ range. It would be nice to join him. With so much opportunity to play golf in North America, there is no reason for us to not play different courses. Some else to remedy I guess.

      Cheers Jim

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