Focused on Curling

Hey Grateful Golfers! Sorry about the lack of articles over the past few days. The World Woman’s Curling Championship is in my home town of North Bay. Although I am not actually at the rink, I am enjoying watching Team Canada lead the standings.

It is amazing the how precise the best players in the world really are as shoot a rock the length of the ice to within an inch of their intended spot. If you are looking for some different from golf and entertaining check out action.

I will be attending the last round robin game on Friday night. Canada vs. USA is always an exciting rivalry! Canada is the only undefeated team left and are cruising for a playoff position.

In case you think curling is not a contact sport!

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!

4 thoughts on “Focused on Curling

  1. That’s very cool that North Bay is hosting the world championships. And since we’re still weeks away from our season starting it’s great that you’re giving curling some attention. Take care Jim and enjoy the world class performances!

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