The Masters’ Hype is Only Beginning

The Masters is less than a week away! The golfing fanatics can feel the slow and steady increase of The Masters’ Hype. The media will find every possible story relating to the first Major akin to water rolling across at table top. Nothing will be left pristine and regardless of its importance, it will be reported. Is this a good thing? Well it is not for me to decide, but I do hope that they media focus is on substantial issues and not fluff pieces designed to fill holes in the paper. 

I guess it is relative about what we consider important. For example, as a golfer, I am interested in the players preparation, their training routine, or their mental preparation for the pressure packed event.

I am less interested in the clubs they use or the ball they play. I could find that out at anytime if this information would help solve a question. Generally, their equipment is tied to endorsements, so it has less of an impact on how I look at their equipment.

I am interested in the professionals course management. What club they play where and more importantly, why did they make that selection. If the media could write about that, I would be first in line to buy their article.

I am not interested in the clothes or shoes they wear. I realized there is a whole industry based around this information, but it is not for me. I wear comfortable clothes that, in my opinion, look nice. However, more importantly, how my clothes fit as to not restrict my golf swing. Hearing about custom fit clothes is not on my radar.

I quite enjoy watching the post practice and round interviews. Many of the players have a canned response (it seems) however, some of the veterans provide a more real response to what is happening. Sometimes their emotions run amok, but I can glean some valuable nuggets from time to time.

The hype is starting to build. The media play an important role is this yearly event, but the players are just as keen to play their part. If anyone thinks that The Masters is not important to the players, here is Phil Mickelson summing up his view on feelings of heading to Augusta year after year:

Just writing this article, I can feel my excitement increasing for The Masters to get under way. I am a Masters junkie and I am not afraid to tell the world. I am getting mentally ready for the first tee and excited to see who will be the Honorary Starters this year! Are you?

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!

3 thoughts on “The Masters’ Hype is Only Beginning

  1. Jim, yes getting psyched! What would be great is if a pull no punches guy like Johnny Miller would sit down and interview Tiger or Phil on how they handle Masters pressure. Now that could be an awesome no-fluff interview. BTW, how do you like Phil’s new shoes?



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