Changing Your Swing To Hit the Ball Hard

Teeing off on the Par 5 16th hole at Osprey Links Golf Course.

There are times when I need (want) to grip it and rip it! I am feeling good and want to press my advantage and hit the ball that extra 20 yards. Generally, this happens on the par 5s because I want to get home in 2.

This is when I take advice of ‘Tin Cup’ and set up to let the big dog eat! It is interesting that I feel I need to change something to gain that extra distance, and generally with little success. I wonder if I am doing something wrong? 

After many attempts, I can honestly say that my success rate at is very low. It rarely works where I adjust my stance, grip, or tempo to achieve my aim. I even know that the changes are slim to boom out a drive, I feel I must give it a whack anyway.

I guess it was that one time where whatever adjustments I made seemed to work. I have hit the ball 300+ on occasion, but generally I am in the 250 – 260 range. However, I can also say that as my attempts to hit the ball harder, my accuracy drops significantly as well. The are on a parallel path.

Given the poor results, I am still determined to figure out how to hit my ball harder on occasion with a positive outcome. I need to forget changing my grip and stance, but focus on my head. I think that keeping my head still and speeding up my club head speed will have the positive results I am looking for. Of course, I have to wait for the driving range to open to test my theory; but I think I am on to something. What do you think?

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!

4 thoughts on “Changing Your Swing To Hit the Ball Hard

  1. Forgetting the few long drives that got helped by big winds at my back, I’ve noticed that the longest drives I’ve hit were when I wasn’t trying. I attribute just a few factors. First, I hit the sweet spot on the face. If you miss that by even a half an inch in any direction, you won’t get the long drive you want. Trying to swing too hard is the best way I know to miss that spot.

    Which brings me to the next item on my list which is I was loose. I wasn’t gearing up for trying to kill the ball and I wasn’t focused on accuracy. Being loose likely allowed me to turn better, and allowed my wrists to cock further as I started the downswing creating the possibility for generating more lag.

    And last, I think it was getting the timing just right. Again, I think that was helped by being loose. Timing pushing off with your legs during the swing is how we make use of that lag to generate extra speed in the swing.

    The only other consideration I can think of is having the swing meet the ball at just the right point. If you meet the ball too far in front of where the swing bottoms out or too far behind, the ball will lift too high and take distance away by giving you no roll out when it lands.


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