The Final Leg for The Claret Jug

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That was the best golf I have seen at a Major on day 3 in years. Who would have predicted that there would be three tied at the top of the leaderboard with 9 players within 4 strokes. Given the action on Moving Day, I would say that they and probably others are in the hunt for the Claret Jug!

I was amazed at the low scores and the consistent play of top finishers. The top ten players shot a combined 38 under par. Car”nictey” was the name of the day.  However, today, the wind is suppose to pick up and maybe we will see Car”nasty” instead. If this happens the top players will have their work cut out for them.

There was tremendous talk about Tiger Woods playing a solid 66 and playing his way into the hunt for the Clarity Jug. I watched him play and he appeared to have regained some of form, but I am sure that the 5 players in front of him will have something to say.

It is difficult to say who is going to play well today and who is going to choke. Their quality of the field is amazing. However, if I was going to pick my top three choices they would be:

Jordan Spieth. You cannot count him out of anything when he gets on a roll. And he is on a roll! The old fire is in his eyes and has the experience to handle the pressure. If his putter is hot tomorrow, he wins the Claret Jug.

Xander Schauffele. He is ready to claim his first major. He played very well on moving day and if he shots 65, watch out Jordan. I am not sure he can handle the pressure of the final pairing against a proven champion.

Tommy Fleetwood. He is still my pick to win. He played poorly yesterday and I do not expect him to do that again. Being 4 strokes back is tough, but if he matches his course record of 63 anything can happen.

Tiger Woods. Sentimental favorite. Need I say more!

The final round at The Open is going to be exciting. If they match yesterday’s rounds anything can happen. With Justin Rose shooting a 64, it proves that Carnoustie can be taken. It really depends on the wind and weather.

I will be tuned in to watch the final round. Will you?

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!

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