The 2018 RBC Canadian Open

2018 RBC Canadian Open

The RBC Canadian Open starts today at Glen Abby Golf Course. Toronto is experiencing a fair bit of rain over the past few days, so the course should be green and soft. If this is the case, then I expect to see low scores and maybe a course record. Glen Abby has seen its issues over the past few years because of the pressure to sell this historic course, but I am glad to see that it is still around hosting my nation’s national championship.

I have not followed the field much this year or really focused on who is going to win because of my medical focus, but having played this wonderful course, I can say that it has it challenges to the field. It can easily be tamed by a hot player, but there are some areas where the risk/reward will bite the unsuspecting adventurer.

See my previous review on taming  Glen Abby Golf Course here.

So for today, all I can offer today is some pictures of my experience from a few years ago:

Par 3 – Glen Abby Golf Course – severe slope from back to front of green.

Same Par 3 as above – Glen Abby Golf Course – Miss the green and you have a very challenging uphill chip.

Number 3 Hole backwards at Glen Abby Golf Course.

Number 10 Hole – Glen Abby Golf Course – 75 foot drop from tee to fairway.

Glen Abby Golf Course – The S-shaped green will pose fits for the players if they miss hit their approach shot.

That is if for now. I plan to watch some of the action today and I expect to see some great golf. I am not sure who is going to win yet, but after today, I should have a better idea on who is hot and who is not.

Are you going to watch the RBC Canadian Open today?

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!


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