The 2018 RBC Canadian Open

2018 RBC Canadian Open

The RBC Canadian Open starts today at Glen Abby Golf Course. Toronto is experiencing a fair bit of rain over the past few days, so the course should be green and soft. If this is the case, then I expect to see low scores and maybe a course record. Glen Abby has seen its issues over the past few years because of the pressure to sell this historic course, but I am glad to see that it is still around hosting my nation’s national championship. Continue reading

Mental Toughness and Golf


Strength of mind propelled Tiger Woods to dominate the golfing world!

Mental toughness is the cornerstone of golf. Arnold Palmer thinks so and I am sure if you ask any golfer they would agree! The picture above reminds me of Tiger Woods in his prime! In his early years, Tiger was almost unstoppable. Yes he had a great swing, soft touch and a deadly putting stroke, but mostly he was mentally superior to all players.

Every time he hit the links, the knew he was going to win. Obviously Tiger did not win every tournament he entered, but his record speaks for itself:

  1. Woods has won 79 official PGA Tour events, second only to Sam Snead, and six ahead of Jack Nicklaus with 73 wins.
  2. Woods has won 14 majors, second all time, behind Jack Nicklaus.
  3. Woods is 14–1 when going into the final round of a major with at least a share of the lead.
  4. Woods scoring average in 2000 is the lowest in PGA Tour history, both adjusted, 67.79, and unadjusted, 68.17.
  5. Woods has the lowest career scoring average in PGA Tour history.
  6. Woods has amassed the most career earnings of any player in PGA Tour history (even after inflation is considered).
  7. Woods is one of five players (along with Gene Sarazen, Ben Hogan, Jack Nicklaus, and Gary Player) to have won all four professional major championships in his career, known as the Career Grand Slam, and was the youngest to do so.
  8. Woods is the only player to have won all four professional major championships in a row, accomplishing the feat in the 2000–2001 seasons. This feat became known as the “Tiger Slam”.
  9. Woods set the all-time record for most consecutive cuts made, with 142. The streak started in 1998, he set the record at the 2003 Tour Championship with 114 (passing Byron Nelson’s previous record of 113 and Jack Nicklaus at 105) and extended this mark to 142 before it ended on May 13, 2005 at the EDS Byron Nelson Championship. Many consider this to be one of the most remarkable golf accomplishments of all time, given the margin by which he broke the old record and given that during the streak, the next longest streak by any other player was usually only in the 10s or 20s. It should be noted that when Byron Nelson played far fewer players made the cut in a given event.
  10. Woods has won a record 26.2% (79 out of 301) of his professional starts on the PGA Tour.
  11. Woods is the only golfer to have won the U.S. Amateur three consecutive times (1994–96). (Source Wikipedia)

In my opinion, Tiger Woods current woes are mental. I am confident that if he was a mentally strong as he was in 2000, he would continue with his winning ways. Mentally, he is one of the strongest players to ever play professional golf. I am not sure how he regains his mental toughness, but if he does, he will be a force to contend with!

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!

Controlling the Unknown in Golf

Lost and Confused SignpostOn any given day, we as amateur golfers really have no idea what our golf game will produce. Don’t get me wrong, the better golfers have a better understanding of what to expect and most of the time the surprises are limited. But for the amateur who plays infrequently or does not have the time to improve game, the unknown of golf can be a source of excitement or dread.

For those who have ever walked into a casino, the anticipation of winning big and walking out is always on your mind. As you pensively walk around looking for the ‘lucky’ machine, many thoughts of how to ‘beat the house’ surface. Finally, you pick a slot machine and in goes your money. As you pull the arm and watch the tumblers spin, your excitement grows! As the wheels stop spinning, you find yourself talking or yelling at the machine as if you influence the outcome. The machine gives you just enough back, thus providing a sense of control in an uncontrollable situation. The unknown of where the dials will stop continues until you walk away!

Golf is very much like your adventure into the casino. The player who is unprepared or has not played enough to develop a consistent swing creates a world of unknown possibilities in golf. They will repeatedly hit the ball unsuccessfully and wonder what is going on. Like the slot machine, the player will hit just enough good shots as to give the illusion that things are looking up; when actually their good golf shots was ultimately the result of the law of percentages.

Every shot in golf provides a plethora of options and the ability to control all the factors is impossible. We cannot control the wind, the ground, course layout, speed of the greens or the sand in the bunker! These things all play a role in golf and their unknowns are uncontrollable! However, for golfing fanatics they are what makes golf interesting and in some cases exciting. Just ask Brian at All About Golf who recently recorded his second hole in one!

Of course this is not all bad! There are many things in golf we can control that will significantly lower the unknowns and increase the percentage of making consistent, great shots. You can control how you putt, when to chip, driving the ball, and course management to name a few. Golf is a game that needs nurturing for players to reach their true potential!

Controlling the unknowns in golf is possible. It does take effort, that eventually will be rewarded.

Today, I am heading to play Glen Abbey Golf Course, the home of the Canadian Open! I hope I can control some of the unknowns, but regardless, today is going to be an awesome golfing experience!

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!

Opportunities to Golf

Base Playdowns 2014 club ball duckThis week was a mix bag for golf. It is one of those weeks where the peaks and valleys of life seem to resonate uncontrollably! I played two rounds of disappointing golf this week, but was fortunate enough to make the military Wing team. Just before the third round of the tournament, I received a text from an old friend inviting me to play golf at Glen Abbey Golf Course in Oakville, Ontario. The ups and downs all happened in the space of a 24 hour period! Golf is crazy.

It is important not to lament about my golf game, because it was a minor blip. It is important to remember the following things:

  • I was given the opportunity to play in a tournament to represent my Wing at the next level of competition;
  • I played two rounds with outstanding golfers who made the rounds pleasurable;
  • I learned that keeping my head still is the key to my success on the course;
  • The mental aspect of golf is critical during competitions;
  • I am grateful for the overwhelming support I received over the 24 hour period from all my friends; and
  • I was playing golf during the week!

I am grateful for the opportunity to enjoy the game of golf during times normally spent working or doing other things. To complain would be disingenuous. How can I be unhappy when the stars aligned as I asked and the result is what I envisioned. Too many times we forget the things that are really important. So, I am off to Golf Regionals on 14-17 July in Kingston, Ontario! If I play to my potential, making it through to the next level of Golf Nationals is a possibility!

Glen Abbey Golf Course, Oakville, OntarioThis was only the first part of the awesome news! I was invited by an old friend to play the Glen Abbey Golf Club on Sunday! This is the usual home of the RBC Canadian Open! Playing this championship course is going to challenge my skills, accentuate my weaknesses, and push my #GAF through the roof! This is an opportunity I have thought about for years; I can hardly wait!

Overall, my 24 hours of golf was amazing. It provided the emotional peaks and valleys normally associated with something more profound. It just goes to show you that we may be staring at the things that make us the happiest and just don’t realize it!

I am a grateful golfer!  See you at Glen Abbey!