Opportunities to Golf

Base Playdowns 2014 club ball duckThis week was a mix bag for golf. It is one of those weeks where the peaks and valleys of life seem to resonate uncontrollably! I played two rounds of disappointing golf this week, but was fortunate enough to make the military Wing team. Just before the third round of the tournament, I received a text from an old friend inviting me to play golf at Glen Abbey Golf Course in Oakville, Ontario. The ups and downs all happened in the space of a 24 hour period! Golf is crazy.

It is important not to lament about my golf game, because it was a minor blip. It is important to remember the following things:

  • I was given the opportunity to play in a tournament to represent my Wing at the next level of competition;
  • I played two rounds with outstanding golfers who made the rounds pleasurable;
  • I learned that keeping my head still is the key to my success on the course;
  • The mental aspect of golf is critical during competitions;
  • I am grateful for the overwhelming support I received over the 24 hour period from all my friends; and
  • I was playing golf during the week!

I am grateful for the opportunity to enjoy the game of golf during times normally spent working or doing other things. To complain would be disingenuous. How can I be unhappy when the stars aligned as I asked and the result is what I envisioned. Too many times we forget the things that are really important. So, I am off to Golf Regionals on 14-17 July in Kingston, Ontario! If I play to my potential, making it through to the next level of Golf Nationals is a possibility!

Glen Abbey Golf Course, Oakville, OntarioThis was only the first part of the awesome news! I was invited by an old friend to play the Glen Abbey Golf Club on Sunday! This is the usual home of the RBC Canadian Open! Playing this championship course is going to challenge my skills, accentuate my weaknesses, and push my #GAF through the roof! This is an opportunity I have thought about for years; I can hardly wait!

Overall, my 24 hours of golf was amazing. It provided the emotional peaks and valleys normally associated with something more profound. It just goes to show you that we may be staring at the things that make us the happiest and just don’t realize it!

I am a grateful golfer!  See you at Glen Abbey!

9 thoughts on “Opportunities to Golf

  1. Glad that you have the result you desired. And I trust that you will enjoy your round with the old friend. Living in NZ for the last ten years, I have not had the pleasure of playing with an old friend for some considerable time.




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