Narrowing My Putting Stance

As I discussed before, I noticed that many professional golfers putt with a very narrow stance. I noticed this about 3 weeks ago at the start of the FEDEX Cup. I said that I would give it a try and over the past 4 outings, I have. Yesterday, I played 9 holes of golf and used my putter about 16 times. No, I did not three putt, but used my putter 4 times from the fringe. And every time I narrowed my stance. I still have some more practice to do, but I did notice a few things.

It was nothing earth shattering, but it gave me several things to focus on moving forward. My first impression is that I like the change. I already feel more confident and it fits into my current putting grip and swinging motion. However, there were a few things I do need to adjust.

First, I need to adjust my aim point. I thought I was putting true before; narrowing my stance showed that I was aiming right and coming over the top to compensate. Narrowing my stance seemed to accentuate my error and so I will fix this challenge moving forward.

Second, I find that my putter head flows smoother as I “take it back 6 and forward 12”. I am not exactly sure why my stroke feels smoother, but it does. So, I am not going to fight what feels right, so I will continue to keep my narrow stance while putting until I can fully evaluate if this change is for me.

Lastly, I feel solid on my feet. I originally thought that I might be unsteady, but over the last 4 outings everything felt comfortable. To be fair, I have not putted in a stiff breeze with my new stance, so I cannot say with full confidence if this recent change is right in all conditions.

I have adopted a narrow putting stance and my first impression is that I like it. As I use this change and become more comfortable, I will provide a better update with before and after pictures. I do not want to put the cart ahead of the horse by jumping all in. I need to evaluate things a bit more and continue to tinker with exactly how narrow to make my stance.

Any thoughts? Have you adopted a narrow putting stance?

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!

2 thoughts on “Narrowing My Putting Stance

  1. I totally get that I have struggled with putting for years,… everyone is different but there must be some kind of relativity to stance width and putter attack angle. With a wide stance the ball tends to jump and drag of my putter face and I have tendency to push it slightly right. With narrow (very narrow) it eliminates the bounce and drag for a start and seemed to have noticed push putts have disappeared . Forever learning the game


    • Brett

      You are right that every player must find what works for them with a putting stroke. Mine is slightly narrower than shoulder width. This allows me to complete a full putter stroke with my shoulders. You are right, there is always something to learn. Thanks for weighing in.

      Cheers Jim


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