PGA TOUR’s 2018 Payne Stewart Award Winner – Bernhard Langer

Congratulations to Bernhard Langer on winning the PGA TOUR’s 2018 Payne Stewart Award. This yearly honour is presented at the TOUR Championship in “recognition of his supreme level of character and sportsmanship, his professionalism and the distinguished manner in which he embraces the values of golf.”

The first video outlines the history to this prestigious award. It provides a visual way to understand the importance of winning this award and is worth watching till the end.

The Payne Steward Award embodies the great aspects of golf. If each professional demonstrates, in their own way, a small aspect of what this award entails, then golf will continue to grow and positively influence the greater community. 

Congratulations again to Bernhard Langer for being name the winner of 2018 Payne Stewart Award.

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!

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