A Prize for Closest To The Pin

Most charity golf tournaments have little games within each round to afford the opportunity to win prizes. These are difficult to win, but if you do, you generally walk away with a prize of some sort; not to mention epic bragging rights. They are fun games and I always sign up for them if they are not included in the tournament costs. My logic is that it only takes great shot; on never knows when that shot will happen. 

Over the years I have won my share of prizes for closest to the pin and the prize ranged from a new glove to Pro Shop bucks. They are nothing substantial, but it is always a thrill to hear your name called to the prize table. 

I do remember one closest to the pin that offered a prize larger than the norm. It was during Voyageur Days Golf Tournament at the Mattawa Golf and Ski Resort about 10 years ago. It was the second hole, par 3, 169 yards from the pin. The tee box was set up so your shot was blind and you had to draw the ball to the pin. Additionally, the local member of Provincial Parliament was on the hole hitting a ball for the group. If you want him to hit a second one it cost a donation to a local charity (I cannot remember the MPP or charity name, sorry). He was a pretty good stick and always hit first.

Well, standing on the tee box I decided to have fun and call my shot. Feeling a bit like shooter McGavin, but playing like Happy Gilmore, I hit a smooth 6 iron with a baby draw. After I hit the ball, the MPP (who watched shots all day) commented that it was going to be very close! And his prediction was spot on.

I was pin high about 18 inches to the right. The next closest spot was about 7 feet away (we could tell by the marker). So I scribbled my name on the card, tapped in for birdie and off we went. 

At the end of play, we went into the club house for an awesome meal and prizes. They started with the side prizes and my name was the first one called. After they said the distance, you could tell that the field was a bit impressed. I was handed an envelope and returned to my seat. Opening it up, I found two $20 gift certificates to local restaurants. I was very happy with my treasure and remember using the shortly after the tournament.

Hitting the ball close to the pin is always a good thing; but hitting it closest to the pin on demand is awesome. It does not happen all the time, but every now and then lady luck is on my side.

I enjoy playing in these small side games during charity tournaments. They add to the fun and total take for the charity. In reality, the prize is not the as important as the bragging rights! Because we all know that golfers love to tell stories about their game!

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links.


3 thoughts on “A Prize for Closest To The Pin

  1. My home office desk chair came from winning the closest to the pin contest once at a tournament I was asked to fill in on for one of my clients. The box it came in wouldn’t fit in my car’s trunk, but I owned a convertible at the time so I decided to just drop the top and move the passenger seat forward to get it in. Just as I got the top down and picked up the box it started pouring rain. By the time I got it settled in and the top back up I was soaked to the bone. lol…Sometimes winning has a price.


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