The Rule Book – Search Times

Time is rolling along towards the January deadline for the implementation of the new rules of golf. After years of talking, debating and cajoling, the governing bodies have agreed on the changes. Currently, there are 20 new rule applications that will affect the average player.

So, I thought it would be a great idea to present them in an infographic style. The first installment is of Rule 18.2 – Ball Lost or Out of Bounds: Stroke-and-Distance Relief Must Be Taken. Specifically Rule 18.2a that deals with the change in search times for a golf ball.

I think this is a great rule change; it should help speed up play if players adhere to the 3 minutes. The challenge is that outside of tournaments, most amateurs will look as long as the want regardless of the rules. But, at least we now have a reference to quote if there is any disputes.


I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!

5 thoughts on “The Rule Book – Search Times

  1. Jim, the four main culprits of slow play are: not being ready when it’s your turn, overcrowded tee sheets, cart path only, and bad play. To your point, I’m not sure the 5 to 3 rule change will do anything because casual amateur players do not honor the time constraint.

    Will this change do anything on the professional front? I look at the US Open as the tournament with the slowest rounds. That’s due to an overcrowded field and players grinding over every shot. Don’t think 5 to 3 makes a difference here either.

    It’s a nice thought though. My two cents.




    • Brian

      Maybe not, but at least they addressed on aspect of slow play. There are other rule changes that will help and I will talk about them after. It might be insignificant now, but we shall see when it is adopted universally if it helps. That is still a few years off anyway.

      Cheers Jim

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  3. As you said, this really only effects tournament play or maybe a game with a bet on the line. It was done for TV, not us. So it’s one of, if not the least important of the changes in my opinion since it will do nothing at all to speed play on a regular round.


    • Kevin

      Like some of the rules, I think this one will take the longest to be adopted. It is still good for the game if the average player follows it. Would speed up our back 9 because of all the red stakes and tight fairways.

      Cheers Jim


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