Santa, Fill My Stocking With Golf Stuff!

Every year around this time, I feel for gift givers who are trying to fill a golfer’s stocking with stuff. Generally there is a lack of knowledge and understanding of what the golfer actually wants or needs is the challenge. So, I suggest that before you head to the nearest Golftown, ask the golfer what they would like and make sure they are specific! It helps reduce the stress for everyone.

Personally, I no longer have to worry about this challenge because the filling of stockings has long since stopped. My wife and I decided that spending time with our loved ones far outweighs buying gifts; it is the time together we treasure the most. That is our gift at Christmas.

However, during the years we did fill stockings with stuff, my wife and daughter struggled to find the right treasure. It was very stressful for them and after a few years of repeating the same process, we had a discussion and things were better for everyone.

I asked some of my golfing friends what they wanted in their stockings and and this is what they said:

Small haul of stocking stuffers from the Toronto Golf Show

The above list is by far extensive, but I think you get the idea. Unfortunately, there is no right answer, but in my opinion any of the above are suitable for a stocking. In all fairness to some respondents, I did receive feedback that none of the above work for them because they are either in the golfing industry or visit enough golf shows where they receive more golf swag than they can use. Hence my suggestion for the giver to ask.

Filling a stocking with golf stuff can be stressful. Some golfers are very particular on the accessories they use. If that is the case, asking will save the giver stress and make shopping for their loved one more enjoyable.

Do you discuss golf accessories for your stocking?

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!

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