What to Wear When Practicing Golf

Golf shorts and a golf shirt are a must when I golf. I always wear a collared shirt unless it is very cold and I am dressed in many many layers. However, when practicing, I like to relax my dress a bit. I figure I might have to roll up my sleeves and get dirty, as they say, then shorts and a tee shirt are my prefer apparel.

In the past I have not really focused on what type of tee shirt I would wear, but that has all changed. My wife is making me a whole new wardrobe for practicing and I am excited to hit the practice area. Here is another example of what she is making:

So there are a couple of cool things about this shirt I would like to share. First, the golfer in the heart beat is me. I converted a picture to an SVG file and behold I am on my own shirt. My logo (which is in a state of flux) was created by my daughter and my wife decided on the colors. It really is a family affair when making these grateful golfer creations.

I am excited to hit the practice area with my new shirt. And I am sure there will be several others before the outdoor season starts. In the meantime, I will wear this priceless gem while practicing indoors. I think these new tee shirts will set me and my game apart. As Poults always says:

From: https://www.azquotes.com/quote/723107

I like to wear something comfortable when playing golf; especially when practicing. I think my new tee shirt is the first step and I plan to expand my wardrobe as I prepare for my 2019 golf season.

Do you have some special you like to play / practice in?

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!

4 thoughts on “What to Wear When Practicing Golf

  1. I despise some of the rules for what we can wear at some courses and practice facilities. The closest range to me requires collared shirts which I find ridiculous. Especially since it’s the worst practice facility in town. Requiring shirts to be tucked in is also a pet peeve in the Florida heat. I feel like it restricts air flow with some of my shirts and with a few others it feels like it constricts movement during the swing at times so I’m careful which shirt I choose when playing a course with rules like that. I have to be mindful anyway, because a lot of my golf shirts have Henley collars which aren’t allowed on a course where they say a collared shirt is required. That ticks me off. Those shirts look just as nice, cost as much, and are golf specific to begin with.

    I’ve taken to calling and checking the rules before trying out a new course just to be on the safe side and if I don’t like them, I’ve changed my mind about playing them more than once. And I’ve walked out a couple of times before too. Those times it wasn’t me that wasn’t dressed properly but a playing partner/client that chose to be comfortable over “dressy”. Thankfully I live in the land of golf courses and there is always another course somewhere close by.


    • Kevin

      I do not run into that issue around here. I believe that dressing the part is important to playing well, but you are right about the collared shirt. Many new styles do not include a collar and look just as good as any other. You are lucky to have so much choice with respect to golf courses, that is only a dream for me.

      Cheers Jim


  2. Jim, looks like great work is coming out of the fashion wing at TheGratefulGolfer 🙂 Personally, I’ll dress for practice just the same as if I was playing. The only exception is if I’m working on my driving mat on my patio. Then anything goes!




    • Brian

      I generally wear a golf shirt everywhere, but sometimes when practicing I like a tee shirt because of comfort. There are no restrictions on what I can wear here, so as long as my wife keeps making me these awesome tee shirts, I will be wearing them.

      Cheers Jim

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