You Call The Shot

I offered an opportunity for all the expert golfer to tell me how they would play a specific shot. I was very surprised at the number of responses and the different way to play this hole. So, I thought I would share it here and see what you have to say!

Here is what it looked like:

On a side note, this is the 14th green at Osprey Links Golf Course – my home course.

I heard everything from a bump and run, a 9 iron, all the wedges and one guy suggested a musket (okay he is not a golfer). All of the plans well thought out and demonstrated that course management is alive and well in the golfing world.

As you think about your answer, I will tell you how I played this hole.

As stated in the picture, the pin is 89 yards away and there is plenty of room behind and in front of it. There is very little wind and the greens are receptive. My ball from 100 yards usually releases about 3 feet – so I consider the greens as normal.

I hit my 52º gap wedge 100 yards and my 56º sand wedge 80 yards. So I am in between shots. If I hit my sand wedge properly, the most I can comfortably get out of it is 82 yards. If I hit it poorly, then I will much farther (and it brings the sand trap into play). So I disregarded that my sand wedge very quickly.

My gap wedge was the club of choice. I decided to fly my ball to the pin with a 3/4 swing. I made perfect contact and my ball flew directly towards the pin. My ball landed 10 feet short of the pin and released to 4 feet. I was very happy with my shot because it fit perfectly into my thought process.

After lipping out, I walked off the green with a par. I was disappointed with my putt because I read it wrong; regardless, my approach shot is something I continually strive for as I try to continually try to lower my golf scores.

Well, that was my adventure; how would you play this hole?

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!

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