What is the Right Way to Chip a Golf Ball?

Depending on who you talk too, there are many ways to chip a golf ball. My darling wife asked me that very question a few days ago and I told her to do what feels natural. Now, I am a strong believer that players like Phil Mickelson have more to to offer on this subject than most can absorb; yet I continue to follow his teachings. But for players like my wife who have to work through what is best for them, Phil’s teachings are too detailed for her growing skill-set. So, this goes back to the question, What is the right way to chip a golf ball?

I have demonstrated what I think is the best way to chip a golf ball in the following infographic:

Of course this just covers a small portion on chipping and it is something I have honed over years of playing. These positions and swing movements fit my game, but may or may not fit my wife’s. During her pratice sessions, which she wants to do on her own, she is finding the proper technique that works for her. I offer some advice or direction when asked, but mostly she is finding out the right way for her to chip a golf ball.

This is a great lesson for us all! We have to find out what works for our game and do that. Now, I believe that basic chipping has 60 or 70 percent similar actions that should be followed; but if my wife or anyone else does not agree, who am I to argue. Each player should find what works for them and hone that skill. As they improve or advance in skill they might want to change. If not, then that is good too.

So the the answer to What is the right way to chip a ball – what ever feels natural and comfortable. I am learning as I play more that most people just want to have fun and make contact with the ball. If they ask advice, I will provide the 80% solution. The rest is up to them.

What do think is the right way to chip a golf ball?

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!


9 thoughts on “What is the Right Way to Chip a Golf Ball?

  1. Jim, I think your infographic covers the basics pretty well. I am working on a change to my chipping approach that I think will help with distance control. It’s analogous to the 9-o’clock, 10-o’clock system that many players use for controlling distance while pitching. My system has 7, 8, and 9-o’clock positions with several clubs. I’m in the cataloging stage now where I learn the carry distance of each club. Just need more practice and play to validate. That starts today; first round of the season is this afternoon! Good luck to me 🙂




  2. I have just one piece of advice to give to anyone who wants it. Make sure you are hitting down on the ball when you are chipping. Trying to lift it into the air will just lead to trouble.

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      • Off topic, i just tuned in to the Valspar Championship in time to see Sergio airmail his 6th shot past the green on the par 4 first hole of the Snake Pit (hole 14). Having played the a dozen times over the years, seeing a pro do worse on a hole than I’ve ever done just makes my day. He is sitting at 1 under after 3 and a half rounds which is something I’ll never manage, but he’s as human as I am. Lol. On another side note, that hole is where I saw the largest alligator in my life. It must have been 14 feet and I had to play my 2nd shot from just 30 feet or so away from it while it was sitting close to the bank sunning itself. I managed to hit the ball ok, but I don’t think I could have done that if I had to turn my back on it.

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