Picking a Target on Every Shot

I have played many sports over the years and no matter what the circumstance, when it was time to make a shot, I always picked a specific target at which to aim. This is a fundamental action and if you asked any athlete, I think they would look at you with shock at such a bizarre thought! So, I wonder why when I talk to my playing partners, they pick something like ‘the fairway’ as the target; in my view this not very precise nor effective. So, why are many amateurs not narrowing their focus before making any shot?

Picking a target between the bushes just right of the bridge would be my focused target line. Where would you aim?

I talked about finding my centre and focusing on a specific target before hitting my first ball at Osprey Links. It is something I should do every shot, but I have to admit that my mind wanders from time to time. I understand that this is a challenge and continue to stay in the moment and focused on each shot.

It is interesting that as I get closer to every hole, my focus narrows. Can you imagine if while putting, I just it my ball somewhere in the vicinity. That is just crazy talk and would never happen. So, why oh why, do I not always pick a specific target; well that is some thing I will fix this year.

Do you select a speicific target when hitting longer shots or is close good enough?

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!

10 thoughts on “Picking a Target on Every Shot

  1. I always try and use a target in the distance off the tee, rather than one close to me. No blades of grass for me. The more distant the better I sometimes think because if the target is reachable I’ve been known to actually hit it and that seldom worked out in my favor. It’s a different story for an approach shot though. On those, I tend to aim for the flag when it’s not a bad idea because of hazards. The one key to hitting your line I think is setting your clubface on the line you want before stepping into your stance. I saw a video that mentioned that just yesterday. It’s something I’ve always done without thinking.


      • Here’s the video I was refering too. It doesn’t mention anything about which hand to use but I’ve noticed the pro’s always do it with their right/trail hand. I use my left/lead hand. I used to think that was because I’m a lefty who plays right handed, but I’ve noticed Phil who’s the opposit of me uses his trail hand too. I just haven’t found a way yet to be comfortable with that though I know somewhere along the line I’ve read something or saw a video that gave a good reason for it.


  2. Take dead aim- Harvey Pennick. His point was to remove all distracting/negative thoughts during the setup and execution and swing way! Nice subject to start the season, thanks for the thought provoking article.

    Jimmy K

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  3. Jim, aim small, miss small. Oddly enough, if you ask most amateurs what their target is, it’s almost a second thought. They are more focused on some mechanical component of their swing. Regarding targets, Greg Norman would “pick out a blade of grass” in the fairway. I don’t know about that, but he was definitely aiming small. I prefer to aim at something as high in the distance as possible. Not sure why that works but it does for me.
    Much of the psychology of the game centers on focus. Aiming small helps to narrow that.
    Good post; thanks!

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    • Brian,

      I agree about selecting a target in the distance. This actually reduces aiming errors by several degrees off the tee. This of course means a smaller error on the fairway. I also agree that it is better for swing mechanics if we are mentally engaged by having a narrow aim point. Thanks for adding to the post.

      Cheers Jim

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