2019 US Open: My Predictions

As with every Major, predicting the winner is challenging at best. The emergence of some old champions and the rise of new ones always muddies the waters. Like the PGA Championship, I believe that this weekends tournament will be dominated my the titans of golf. With one or two exceptions, Pebble Beach will be a beast to tame, but my predictions will be the ones at the top of the leaderboard on Sunday!

119th U.S. Open Championship will be played at Pebble Beach Golf Links, Pebble Beach, California. Playing just over 7000 yards, the long rough and lightning fast greens will force players to focus on course management instead the ‘bash and recover’ approach to this Major. The USGA will set up Pebble Beach to cause nightmares for the players, but I a hoping that this year, the play would will the centre piece of this Major.

Finishing third will be Henrik Stenson. He is playing very well as of late and I believe that he his ready to make a reappearance on the world stage. He has a complete game and his top 10 finish at the RBC Canadian Open might be what he needed to challenge for the US Open this weekend. What I like the about Stenson’s game is his ability to hit the ball long off the tee with control. This will be a key skill down the stretch on Sunday.

Finishing Second will be Jordan Spieth. This is not a wild card selection by any means. Spieth has worked diligently at fixing his woes and his putting has greatly improved. Spieth’s journey to the top of the leaderboard was rocky and it is about to pay off. If he can keep his jitters under control for the first two rounds, he will be in the last group on Sunday. However, he will be taken down my the current titan of golf.

Rory McIlroy will walk away with the US Open golf trophy. He is playing fantastic and his resounding win last weekend is enough to propel him to the top of the leaderboard after Friday. He is splitting the fairways and firing darts at the pin. If he does miss, his recoveries are solid. McIlroy is playing the best golf in the past 5 years and will demonstrate it this weekend.

My dark horse is Phil Mickelson for two reasons. First, he has won at Pebble Beach already this year and he is my fan favorite. I realize that the USGA will set the course up far differently that the Pebble Beach Pro-Am, but course knowledge and winning confidence might be enough for lefty to win the elusive career grand slam.

You will notice I did not mention Brooks Koepka or Tiger Woods. I do not think they will be a factor this year. Brooks is riding a tremendous win streak at the Majors, but I do not see a three-peat in his future. Tiger, like in the last Major, will have challenges. He will make the cut this Major, but will not be in the hunt.

Well, I am out on the prediction limb. I believe the Rory McIlroy will walk away as the 2019 US Open Champion. What do you think? Who do you see winning on Sunday?

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!

6 thoughts on “2019 US Open: My Predictions

  1. Jim, Koepka is pulling an amazing amount of motivation from that huge chip on his shoulder. Funny thing is that the chip doesn’t get smaller with each subsequent win. He finds the littlest things for additional fuel. When someone declares him the G.O.A.T. is when it all ends – LOL! I’ll go where the smart money is and stay with Koepka.



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  2. I think it’s a tougher call than ever this year. While 3 in a row might be too much to ask of anyone, I think Koepka has it in him. Fairways and greens are always key to Open wins and at just over 7000 yards, Koepka doesn’t need to hit a single driver if he chooses not to so I think his chances aren’t too bad this week. McIlroy on the other hand has not been his best where the greens are really hard and fast. He is also not needing his woods, but he will have to overcome that lacking on the Pebble’s greens. But he’s peaking at the right time, so his chances are as good as any. Woods last appearance wasn’t his best, but his biggest win came at Pebble. And his major chances are running out, so I expect him to be as motivated as we’ve ever seen him. I can’t count him out. Then there is DJ. He’s won twice at Pebble in the past too though it was years ago. If his short game is with him, he’s got a great chance at taking home another major. And there is plenty of talent more than capable in the rest of the field too. Phil wants it as bad as anyone. Maybe more. But I’m not sure that helps where he’s concerned. His tendency to take chances has kept him from winning the US Open his whole career. But who knows. He has talent enough for sure. I won’t be placing any bets. I think my odds would be better at the craps tables in Vegas. Lol

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      • Well, I just got through playing 27 holes. I started off cold so I played 9 to warm up, then started keeping score. It wasn’t my best game by any stretch but I was very happy with the 81 I shot because I played from the tips with a couple of big hitting kids. 7015 yards is about 700 yards more than I’m used to. The 74.2/131 rating/slope was far harder than my normal rounds. I got out driven all day by a mile but I had the only birdie of the day thanks to a great bounce on one of my approach shots on a par 5 that I thought for sure wouldn’t clear the trap guarding the green. I think I might have knocked three more strokes off had my chipping been better. I had a bit of trouble dialing in distances today with my sand wedge. The thing that shocked me the most though was I had to pull out my 3 wood over and over on approach shots and I hit every shot with it really really well. It was my saviour and thats a first for me.


      • Kevin,

        Sounds like an 80 was pretty solid if you were hitting a great deal of 3 woods. It is amazing how difficult our game becomes when adding distance to the holes. Routine becomes abnormal. Glad to hear your 3 wood continues to work well, it can be a saving grace for sure. Thanks for dropping by.

        Cheers Jim


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