When Lady Luck Smiles on the Golf Course

Every once in a while, Lady Luck decides to shine her light in my direction. When she does, it usually means that I have saved a few strokes or gained one through great play. In this case, it was a little of both. And I have to say that it she helped me play to a 2 over par 73.

I was on the 7th hole of Osprey Links and was sitting 1 over par. I thought that with a good score going, I would play it safe and avoid the water all together. So, I stood on the tee and called my shot: “right at the 150 yard marker.”

Standing confidently over the ball, I swung with confidence. I remember several of The Grateful Golfer readers reminding me that I should aim small to miss small. Well, as you can see, the 150 yard marker is a small target indeed.

As my ball flew towards my target, I thought – perfect just where I aimed. Watching my ball fly effortlessly forward, I was shaken awake to reality when my ball struck the marker. I was thrilled that it hit on the right side and my ball moved towards the pin another 25 yards.

Now sitting 125 yards from the pin, I decided to hit a smooth 9-iron because of the wind blowing in our faces. The pin was very accessible so I took dead aim. As my ball sailed through the air, I thought – oh, this is good. As it turned out I rolled past the pin and missed it by about an inch to stop 3 feet from the hole.

What was more exciting, was that my ball almost dropped on its way by.

You cannot see it in this picture, but the 150 yard marker is directly behind the pin. It was my best shot all day. And it was set up by Lady Luck smiling on my tee shot.

I easily sunk the putt for birdie and then sat even par. Over the next 11 holes, I went 2 over and finished the round with my best score of the season.

For those out there who thought that luck on a golf course was always bad, I suggest you rethink your view. In my case, I as very lucky to have hit the 150 yard marker and I will be grateful for the help. Thanks Lady Luck!

Have you had Lady Luck smile on your game lately?

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!

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