6 thoughts on “Have an Awesome Friday

  1. Well I got in 16 holes before the lightning chased me away. The course I chose to play doesn’t have a range, just a net and it can only allow one person to use it at a time and it always seems to be filled so I hoped to play 27 today and use the first nine as my warm up. And I really needed to warm up today. The first 7 holes were pretty bad. I parred hole 1 thanks to a good chip, but my irons all went right for the first couple holes, then left and long for the next couple and back to right for number 5 and left and long on 6. So I followed that first par with 6 bogies. And on 7, when I should have had an easy birdie, a bad chip left me with a tap in par. In fact all my chipping except for that first one was weak on holes 2-7. I never did figure out why I was having so much trouble, but on hole 8, my game was magically back and it stayed with me till the end. I birdied four of the last 9 holes I got to play and parred the rest with no drama. So I was a bit depressed to see the weather moving in. I’d have surely kept going if it was just rain, but there was a lot of lightning in the storm so it really wasn’t safe to continue. So I’m not sure I’d call it an awesome Friday, but I did leave at least somewhat contented. Now it’s time to prepare for the hurricane. It’s not supposed to hit us directly and even if it does it will be much smaller by the time it crosses the state, but better safe than sorry. It’s also time to pull out google maps and see which golf course to play next week. A course with the hardest and longest holes downwind from the hurricane breezes which should be traveling south to north after it passes might bring a good chance at my first par game. Lol


    • Kevin

      I can feel your frustration with the first 7 holes. I happens; especially the sudden change in how we are swinging the clubs. Both good and bad. I am glad you will not be hammered by the hurricane, but I am sure you will be wet. Keep your head down!

      Cheers Jim


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