Starting to Hit My Irons…Finally

For the greater part of the season, I have struggled (to my expectations) hitting my irons. However, the past two rounds I seem to have found my old magic. I am hitting crisp clean irons that are flying on line. As I walked (yes walked) nine holes yesterday, I finally noticed two things I had overlooked for months. With two minor adjustments, I was back to my previous form!

I cannot believe I could not figure it out earlier. I guess I messed with too many things early in the season and I finally righted the ship. Let me tell you, I wish there were months left of golf because I am ready to play with renewed enthusiasm.

As you can see, the mats offer information that can help your alignment.

The first change I did was: stop hooding my irons. My set up was poor and I was closing the club face. For the life of me I do not know how this happened, but it was happening. How I noticed that I was hooding my irons was quite simple. I was at the range at the North Bay Golf and Country Club on Tuesday. We had to use mats on the range that were damp. So, when I hit my first ball it left a path I used for my second shot. When I looked down, my club face was closed. After a quick readjustment, I was hitting my irons straight, high and to distance.

Focusing on contact point as long as possible.

The second minor change was to keep my head still and focused on the point of contact longer than normal. I noticed on the range that I was popping my head up just a bit quick, so focusing at bit longer at the spot where the ball was and letting my right shoulder move my head up made a huge difference. This minor change allowed my body to finish its swing in the proper position resulting is crisp, consistent contact.

Now that I have figure out my iron challenges, I hope to continue this success for the rest of the year. I quickly regained my confidence and looking forward to having an iron in my hands to help me lower my golf scores.

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!


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