Opening the Club Face For a Higher Trajectory

Have you ever stood over a shorter golf shot and decided It was important to open your club face to elevate the ball? I definitely have and often wonder if it was really worth the result. Most of the time I come up short; before I was always right; and any poor contact results in a chili dip! So why do even do this odd shot?

Well, experience tells me that this shot is important around the green to ensure that I swing my wedge hard enough to ensure my ball makes the green. I can be more aggressive with a shorter swing and not fear trying to do something delicate that generally does not work out as well.

In my case, I open the club face and open my stance. I place the ball of my front heel and evenly distribute my weight. This swing works well, however the error the mostly occurs with my process is opening my stance too much or too little. Hence, I am either right or left of my target line. It is a shot I practice.

After a bit of research, I offer three videos that very in methods on how to hit a shorter shot with my club face open. Currently, I use the second video the most. I would have to try the first and third at a range to give an honest assessment. But, after a first look, I would suggest that all three methods will work depending on your swing and skill level. I think the second video would best suit the majority of average golfers.

The three videos cover:

  1. Moving the angle of the shaft.
  2. Opening your stance.
  3. Weight distribution with different lies.

Now that you have watched all three short videos, what is your preferred technique? Do you even open your club face on shots?

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!

4 thoughts on “Opening the Club Face For a Higher Trajectory

  1. Jim, video 2 for me. Actually the guy in video 1 opens his stance way farther on the open blade demonstration that in the square blade (first swing). So 1 and 2 are effectively the same technique even though he does lower his hands. With a blade that wide open, you better open your stance :).




  2. I kind of combine a little from the first and second video’s. I don’t try to lower the club to totally fix the aim of the face like in the first video but I do use a little additional knee bend and stand back just a bit which helps me swing a little flatter and still get under the ball pretty easy. And I always set my aim point a little left of where I want the ball to end up because swinging across the path causes the ball to spin right after it lands as a right handed golfer. And I can hit a flop shot even off a tight lie with my 56. I’ve practiced with it enough this past year and a half or so I almost prefer it. But I’ll pull the 60 out if I only have a few feet of green to work with.


    • Kevin

      That sounds about right. I hit an open-faced 56 degree wedge the most. I do use my 60 degree from time to time, but it is not as effective for me. However, you did mention something….practice. It is the key to all great shots.

      Cheers Jim


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