Out Of Potential Disaster, Magic Can Happen On The Golf Course

During yesterday’s round, I hit one of my best shots of the 2020 golf season. The funny thing, I did not even see the shot. I know this sounds unlikely, but after you read my description below, you will be able to visualize exactly what I mean. I was amazed that out of potential disaster, magic did happen.

I was playing the 14th hole. I have been hitting the driver lately because of the wet conditions. If I hit it properly in the fairway, I usually have about 130 yards left to the green. Unfortunately, I pulled my ball left and it came to rest in the hazard just right of a large birch tree. I could only see the right edge of sand trap on the right side of the green. My view to the green was completely blocked and faced with a 140 yard shot, my thought was to punch a shot down into the flats in front of the green.

I selected my 6-iron and played it back in my stance. I decided to play a low draw to ensure that I shaped my ball around the tree in a better playing position. As I made contact, I realized that I had hit the ball harder than anticipated. As I said earlier, I could not see my ball fly, so I waited for my playing partner to give me the thumbs up that I was still in play.

Rick let out at shout “Great Shot” as I crawled my way out of the woods. Rick said my ball shaped around the trees, landed on the green and rolled 12 feet past the blue pin. I could not believe how fortunate I was after thinking I was going to be scrambling for a par.

As I lined up my putt, I decided to hit it firm because the greens are punched and have some sand strewn all over the putting surface. I made solid contact and my ball dropped for birdie! Talk about dipping into the well of luck and coming our with a full cup!

14th Hole Osprey Links Magical Shot

My second shot was one of my best of the year. I do practice the low punch with shape and found that a hook shot is much easier than a slice shot. I guess all my practice has paid off. This birdie lead to a round of 76 with two doubles….anytime I can shoot under par for a hole is always a great thing. And when I make an unexpected birdie, it just seems more magical.

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!


4 thoughts on “Out Of Potential Disaster, Magic Can Happen On The Golf Course

  1. I seem to be the exact opposite. Faced with a punch hook I’m not nearly as confident as I would be if faced with slicing one around the corner. Controlling the spin is something I find that so much easier to do with a slice. I will say though that no matter which way you find it easier, it gets a little harder when you have to aim yourself out of bounds or into a hazard and have faith the ball with turn. On the big course I played last week where I was working on my turn and spraying most of my drives, I found occasion to slice a 3 wood. I was so far off track (right) that I couldn’t get home in two and the best iron shot I could hope for would have left me still outside of the 150 mark. So I aimed a 3 wood across the fairway at the woods and sliced it around the trouble and got within 50 yards almost centered in the fairway. I wasn’t asking for anything that good, but when you get them, you take them. But I remember that as I was planning that shot, the fear of drilling it from one trouble to a lost ball was almost enough to scrap the idea. And if it would have needed a hook, I would surely have chosen the short iron shot to get out of the trouble. I probably turned the ball 50 degrees with that slice shot I hit. I know I can’t hook it nearly that much on purpose.

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