Is A Lost Golf Ball Really Lost?

With the number of golf balls I find over the course of a year (you are welcome Rick and Blair), I wonder if golf balls are really considered lost? We hit them deep into the woods, search for three minutes, and then carry on with a different ball in our hand. As we add two strokes to our scorecard we lament about another ball being lost!

On the fence at Black Bear Ridge Golf Course.

Through my travels in the woods, I have found golf balls in many crazy places. The ball Jean found resting on the rail of fence, thank goodness it was his….haha. The point is that a golf ball can be found in any number of places, just not always were we look.

So, if we continually find misplaced golf balls, then are they really considered lost? I suggest that when we cannot find our undisciplined ball that it is merely misplaced and maybe we should not be penalized with two extra strokes on our scorecard.

By removing rule 18 would definite change the dynamics of golf and it would allow players to whack away without a care in the world. Yes, it would change how many players approach the game, but the fun of it all!

Lost golf balls are a part of golf, yet I think they are just playing hide and seek. Albeit frustrating, it is a game I play all to often on the links. Finding golf balls is fun, it is kind of like Christmas figuring out the make. If it is not a Pro V, then it is Christmas for Rick and Blair. Finding misplaced golf balls is special talent of mine and it saves my playing partners a great deal of money over the course of the year.

As I lament about hitting my ball into the woods; I am happy that they find new owners and get to play again. It is in their nature to play golf with whoever asks. I just wish I did not spread the wealth of lost golf balls as much as I do.

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!

2 thoughts on “Is A Lost Golf Ball Really Lost?

  1. Since I do most of my practicing on the course, I lose a lot more balls than I probably should. But for the most part, they are cheap balls. Made by Wilson. They come in a bag of 24 at Walmart for like 11 dollars. You really don’t mind the thought of them staying lost.

    Surprisingly, I’ve shot more than one of my best games with that cheap ball. They may not spin but this time of year the greens are damp all the time and you really don’t need spin.

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