Will Augusta National Play Soft This Week

Augusta National golf course is one of the best maintained in the world. It is sculpted beautifully and manicured like no other. Given that the Masters will be played in the fall, I am lead to wonder if the Augusta National will play soft as a kitten or fierce like a lion. Every golf knows that fall golf can bring a myriad challenges due to the weather. As it stands, the days leading up to The Masters will be rite with rain and cooler temperatures. Will this make a difference…..I wonder.

It is really tough to determine how the players will react to the different playing conditions. I think that the wetter conditions will negate some advantage of the players with multiple playing conditions. The slight changes always affects players, it is just difficult to surmise exactly to what extent. If the conditions improve (which they should) the initial advantage the European players have for playing in wet conditions will subside. But, this is definitely a wait and see situation.

I think that Augusta will play like the lion it always does. Amen Corner will show some teeth, but so will other holes that require laser like accuracy to score low. It will be different for the players, almost eerily quiet. However, it is Augusta National and playing in the top golf tournament in the world is always exciting regardless of the weather.

As The Masters creeps closer, I want to leave you with these last thoughts:

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!

4 thoughts on “Will Augusta National Play Soft This Week

  1. Jim, I think the wet conditions will open a birdie-fest and bring more players into the mix. If it’s windy, all bets are off but the forecast is calling for 10-15 mph each day. Puts the premium on good iron play and a little less on short game. Enjoy!


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  2. Jim Furyk thinks the winds this week might take away some of the longer hitters advantage. He points to the wins by Mike Weir and Zack Johnson as examples of northeast winds evening the field. I hope he’s right. Should make fro a great contest.

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