One Of Golf’s Greatest Recovery Shots Of All Time!

Every golf has to make a recovery shot to try and lower their golf score. Generally, it happens a few times a round and recovering from the cabbage is something that is part of our game. Sometimes, hitting back in play to save strokes has a bit more at stake as this recovery shot did by Corey Pavin. As I watched Pavin extricate his ball from an impossible lie (at least for me), I was awed at how cool he actually played the shot.

Before I dive into my thoughts, take a look at what I think is one of the greatest recovery shots of all time. I realize this is a big claim, but I think you will see what I mean after the video:

First, I would have thought about hitting this shot left handed because it was the only option. I would have immediately disregarded this shot because the difficulty of just hitting left handed (let alone from that crazy lie) makes this risk/reward shot far to risky for my skills.

Second, Pavin was leading the tournament and taking a drop would have likely challenged his chances to win. Being a gritty competitor, Pavin decided that this shot was worth the risk. It makes sense that playing it safe an option, but not if your sole goal is winning. Hence, Pavin went for it!

Third, after the amazing shot, to then step up coolly to sink the 5 foot putt to save par was icing on the cake or so I thought.

Lastly, Pavin went on to win his first Champions Tour event. His chances to win was set up by this amazing par 3, out of the cabbage, pressure putt, save.

When we combine all the factors contributing to the amount of pressure this left handed shot, I have to say that it is likely on of the greatest recovery shots I have ever seen. It was truly amazing!

What do you think? Or do you have a better example?

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!


3 thoughts on “One Of Golf’s Greatest Recovery Shots Of All Time!

  1. Jim, Pavin’s was a great one. The two others that come to mind are Phil’s shot through the trees at #13 and Bubba’s roped gap wedge on #11, both at The Masters. Also, didn’t someone once bank one off the wall on #17 at St. Andrews in The Open? I forget who that was.




  2. There may be others that match it, but it would be hard to top it. That was one fantastic golf shot.

    I didn’t hit any of those today, but I got out at 4:45 and walked 27 holes and had a blast. It was windy and I was hitting knock downs and stingers all day and doing it well. The 3 hybrid was the star of the day. I played two balls a lot of the day so I’d guess I played about 40 holes and that hybrid averaged an eagle chance for every ten of them. And that’s only counting the ones that landed on the green. I had a couple other eagle ops from it from the fringe and from the close rough.

    So it was a great day. But, my tee shot on 12 (driver into the wind) might have knocked a satellite out of orbit so beware.

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