Golfing For The Fun Of The Game

Mentally, golf can either bring you joy or despair. How we approach our round will determine if we are feel before, during and after the round. Personally, I always try to have fun win a mix of self-driven competitiveness. It is a balance I developed over the years and fortunately the group I play in helps me keep that balance. I believe that if we are not having fun, then what is the point of play.

There are hundreds of ways to enjoy or destroy our round. I came across a video that sums up the five important topics that are the fundamental tenets that most beginners should heed. Take a look:

I have a story about how a competitor developed a reputation as a rules guy that detracted from the other players in his group having fun. About 10 years ago he decided to become a rules official and as such studied them and took the appropriate, official exams. He succeeded in reaching level 2 under the old education program and for that I applaud him. Unfortunately, he took the rules a bit too serious and decided to make himself the unofficial referee during a 3 day tournament.

He commented on every situation where a rules decision might be made whether asked or not. Usually his citing of the rules was correct, but he often did not give the other players the opportunity to draw their own conclusion. Additionally, he was adamant everyone play by the rules during the practice rounds…..hence he had a hard time finding a group to play win. I have not seen him since that last event about 6 years ago and do not know if he is still drawing the joy from other players. Personally, his approach did not affect my game and I did not mind playing with him. But, others…..

Playing golf for fun is important. Regardless of what we think personally, we do have a responsibility to play in such a manner as not to detract from the other players in our group. We do not have to hurt our game by changing how we play, just how we interact with others. For me, I try to have fun whenever I play and that will never change.

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!

6 thoughts on “Golfing For The Fun Of The Game

  1. Hi Jim, have a guy that I try to avoid, he thinks he knows every rule in the book, sadly he is usually wrong. I refuse to stand there and get out the rule book, it only makes things worse for everyone.

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  2. Totally agree Jim! You have to have fun. I occasionally forget this maxim and get lost in expectation and frustration for a round – but that just reinforces the primacy of fun as the whole reason to go play golf. I don’t like golf hell! Obviously I enjoy golf so much more when I’ve made a rock solid commitment to fun and keep reinforcing that all day. Side bonus is I’m free to hit good shots and score better too. Spot on.

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  3. Well I had my worst round of the week score wise (an 86), but it was also the most fun. We played a course none of us knew that is riddled with blind tee shots, long par 3’s, and big super fast greens with lots of undulations. We hit a lot of good shots that turned out to be terrible. And a few we thought were terrible but turned out to be perfect. We landed on the wrong side of the hole. We made pretty much all the mistakes you can make all while hitting pretty decent shots. What can you do. You have to laugh. We’ll challenge it again a time to two before worrying about trying to score there. And until then, we’ll do what we’re supposed to do. Have fun playing the game.

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