Scoring Well, But Playing Weak Golf

Have you ever played a round of golf where you scored well, but left so many strokes on the course it was frustrating. Well, that is exactly what happened to me yesterday. I shot 79 (a good score considering) and I only hit 3 greens in regulation. It was a crazy round and there was nothing I could do to change my fortune. I started off mediocre and finished a bit stronger than the beginning. So, why do I think I scored well by played weak golf? Let me tell you.

I started off my round hitting the ball well and felt as if I was capable of shooting a low score. As I played each hole, I was close to hitting the green but did not notice until the 15th hole that I did not hit one green in regulation. Yup, my round was terrible. Standing on the 15th tee, I checked my score card and realized that I had shot 7 pars and 7 bogies. Not a bad score considering I never had one putt for birdie. Then the last four holes I had three birdie opportunities and made par. The one green I missed, I ended up with a bogey.

I could not believe how poorly I hit my approach shots. I tried clubbing up, hitting hard, and swinging normal. Nothing worked. I missed left, right and short. Nothing worked and I could not fix my woes. Fortunately, I hit many great chip shots on the back nine to allow for more pars than bogies. As the round unfolded, my short game became sharper, but my approach shots were the bane of my round.

With a score of 79 (and I left two putts on the lip of the hole) I would normally be trying to find out what went wrong. Other than poor approach shots being very poor, the rest of my game was mediocre at best. I never felt like I could ge anything going. I did not do anything really bad, but just had a weak game overall…..or at least it felt that way.

I have to say that it has been a very, very long time since I did not had not putted for birdie in 14 straight holes. I know keep harping on my mediocre play, but I am a bit flabbergasted about my round. All I can say is oh well, I am a grateful golfer and rounds like the one I played yesterday is all part of my journey. Next time I will just have to do better.

Have you ever had rounds like mine?

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!

4 thoughts on “Scoring Well, But Playing Weak Golf

  1. Jim, nice job breaking 80 on a poor swing day. Those inconsistent misses might mean a simple fundamental is off. You fiddling with your grip again??? 😊

    Better luck next time out!


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    • Brian,

      Nope, I am not playing with anything. I just could not hit it on the green in reg. That is okay, like you I never worry about a minor bump in the road. The round could have easily been in the low 70s, so next time out I hope I can putt all my swing elements together.

      Cheers Jim

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  2. That was me today too. I started off badly. Missed wide right off the tee but had an easy wedge in and chunked it. Twice. It was into the grain and I knew that but boy did I dig in anyway. Then I got it on, but short and started with a 2 putt double. I had a birdie putt on 2 that missed right, but that was my only chance on the front nine and I really wasn’t striking the ball badly. I just couldn’t get started. On the back I had one birdie, but should have had three. And I had another bad chip on that left me with another bogie so I wiped out my gains. Then got one more bogie on the tough 17th and barely saved par on the last and that holes an eagle op for me most days. 6 over is where I finished. To myself and my buddy I blamed it on taking yesterday off and plan to do better tomorrow. One last day before playing with the youngsters again. I’d like to beat them a little better this time around. Letting them get within a stroke last week was depressing. lol At least this time we’ll be able to see where we’re hitting.

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