Phil Mickelson Wins The US Open

Is this the year that Phil Mickelson finally closes the books on a career grand slam? Or am I getting ahead of myself? After winning the PGA Championship last month, Mickelson’s stats have him with 45 PGA tournament wins that include five Majors. Is this weekend going to be another page into the history books or is he going to fade quietly away never to accomplish one of his career goals. It is difficult to say with Mickelson because we never know which player is going to show up on any given day. Personally, I would like to see him with the US Open after six, second place finishes; it would be the crowing achievement of his illustrious golfing career.

I have heard it said many times after a shot, “Phil being Phil”. Mickelson is unique because he mentally envisions golf shots that most players just shake their heads at. Additionally, he has the moxie to try and make some crazy attempts that leave many pundits second guessing his every move. Sometimes the is comes out as a hero and sometimes…… Here take a look:

At 51 years young, I think anything is possible for Phil Mickelson at this weekends US Open. I am not going to offer any advice to this legend because I think there are enough arm chair pundits offering advice on how to successfully navigate Torrey Pines, so offering my two cents is really not that beneficial.

As the weekend unfolds I hope Phil remains Phil because that is how he wins tournaments. The moment he tries to be someone else is when he gets into trouble with his game. So, why change. Regardless of what happens I am confident that he will provide some awesome entertainment for the golf fans and viewers. Why you may ask? Because he is Phil!

Play well this weekend Phil! I will be rooting for you to win the 2021 US Open and to complete your career grand slam.

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!


4 thoughts on “Phil Mickelson Wins The US Open

  1. I can see what Brian brought up from Westwood when your playing at their level. But as I get older, I’m feeling like if anything, my peaks have started coming more often. Then again, I play a lot more often today.

    Like Brian, I hold no real faith in his coming home with that last major he’s missing, but I’m rooting for him. How could you not? He’s never been known for boring golf.

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  2. Jim, Phil’s win at the PGA was reminiscent of Darren Clarke’s Open victory in the way that both golfers were at an advanced age and utilized a new mental technique to prevail. Clarke could not maintain his performance afterwards, but Phil is a more accomplished player with 45 tour victories and six majors and probably can contend. it seems like a tall order to be able to peak his game one month later and he’s more likely to miss the cut than win, but I’d put $10 on him at 50:1. It would be stellar!

    Don’t know if you caught Lee Westwood’s press conference where he described what it’s like to contend when you get older, but it was spot on. The takeaway: older players can do it, but it’s less frequent that you peak your game as you age. Makes sense when you see weeks like Norman and Watson had at The Open, as well as Clarke, and Phil at The PGA. I too am hoping he does it. Would be a story for the ages.

    Enjoy the action and have a great Father’s Day weekend!


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    • Brian,

      I did not catch Westwood’s press conference, but I will check it out. I love the thought that older players can play at the elite level, but all the time. I am thinking the younger players are in the same boat because of the depth of all the fields. I am going to watch some golf for sure this weekend. Happy Father’s day to you as well!

      Cheers Jim


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