is The US Open The Toughest Major or Not?

I am watching the first round of the US Open as I write this article and I wonder if the US Open is the toughest Major or not? I think this is a legit question considering that some conditions and courses of The Open might rival the fast greens and deep rough at Torrey Pines this weekend. Of course it would be very difficult make an in-depth comparison, but if they could I would suggest that the US Open would win out as the overall toughest Major in professional golf.

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Phil Mickelson Wins The US Open

Is this the year that Phil Mickelson finally closes the books on a career grand slam? Or am I getting ahead of myself? After winning the PGA Championship last month, Mickelson’s stats have him with 45 PGA tournament wins that include five Majors. Is this weekend going to be another page into the history books or is he going to fade quietly away never to accomplish one of his career goals. It is difficult to say with Mickelson because we never know which player is going to show up on any given day. Personally, I would like to see him with the US Open after six, second place finishes; it would be the crowing achievement of his illustrious golfing career.

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Farmer’s Insurance Open – Players to Watch

The Farmer’s Insurance Open starts tomorrow. This tournament will have a very strong field and if you look close, some players are generating more attention than normal. Personally, I do not have a favorite for this weekend’s event, however I am intrigued by all the discussion and questions asked by the media.

four prosOf all the players this weekend, there are four players who have caught my attention without being in contention. I bet you can guess who they are; just in case you cannot here they are: Tiger Woods, Phil Mickelson, Dustin Johnson, and Mike Weir. These players in the spotlight and it will be interesting to see how they play at Torrey Pines in San Diego.

Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson are in the hot seat because of their poor play. It is difficult to comprehend that these two superstars are under performing for various reasons, but yet they are. Many pundits are posing the question of what his going on, but I suggest that nothing is happening. It is far to early in the season to count either of these players out of anything. After accomplishing just about everything a professional golfer can, I suggest that their motivation to play well does not come from the week to week grind of being on the tour. With only two months before the Masters, Tiger and Phil are carefully planning their strategy to peak at the first Major. Like it or not, I believe that their overall plan for the season is to play less, compete at the important tournaments and win Majors!

Dustin Johnson is returning after a self-imposed break from professional golf. During that time, he suggests he fixed challenges in his personal life, become a father, and a is better person. There are many articles speculating about why he left golf, but in the big scheme of things only he knows the real reasons. I am not sure how Dustin Johnson will be received by the golfing fans, but he is back and I wish him the best of luck on his personal journey.

Mike Weir is not playing very well this year. He has missed the cut at 4 out of 5 tournaments this year. He has struggled for some time due to injuries and well, just poor play. The reason I grouped Weir in the others is just to wish him well. I have followed Weir for years and thought I would send him positive thoughts during this weekends tournament. Good luck Mike; hit them long, chip them close and putt them true!

The Farmer’s Insurance Open is a fresh opportunity for Tiger, Phil, Dustin, and Mike to prove all the nay -sayers wrong. This week is a fresh canvas for these famous artists to create a masterpiece. I will be watching the action closely and wishing these four players well!

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!