Support Local Charity Golf Tournaments

For the second year in a row I played in the Annual Monaghan and Furry Friends Scramble, the North Bay Humane Society’s annual golf tournament and it’s biggest annual fundraiser. They offered a gift card from the local Casey’s, a delicious box lunch from Casey’s and coffee from Tim Hortons. The round also included a cart and the potential to some great times. All that was left was to tee up and see what happened!

Fernando and Blair on the 17th hole at Osprey Links.

The format for this years tournament was a pure four person scramble. Unfortunately, Rick was called away, so that left Blair, Fernando and myself to hold up team Grateful Golfer. And that is what we did. We played the best scramble round in years and still left three or four strokes on the course. During this round, we complement each other very well and finished with a 12 under 59! We actually had many highlights that resulted in 10 birdies, and eagle and 7 pars. We ran off six birdies in a row on the back (which we started on first) and four birdies and an eagle on the front. It was a great day on the links.

During the round each of us contributed at the right time. Whether it was off the tee, chipping or putting we all seem to make the right shot to help the team. I never putted for the first four holes because Fernando sank the first thee putts and Blair the fourth. The longest putt was by Fernando at about 20 feet.

I was hitting he ball well and my best shot was with my three hybrid on the 12th tee. Actually, I hit the ball too well and we were left with a steep down hill shot to the green. My calculations suggest that I hit my hybrid about 225 yards…..that is about 20 yards farther than normal. Additionally, I chipped and putted well and that was my contribution to our low score.

The best shots of the day came on one hole. One by Fernando and one by Blair. It was amazing to watch and as a team, we were thrilled with the result.

The first shot was off the tee by Fernando. He hit the perfect shot over the corner of the pond. He carried 225 yards over the pond and it stop at 240 yards. That left us with 98 yards into the green. Fernando’s shot was the drive of the day and it set up Blair’s shot into the green.

Blair was second to hit and he selected a gap wedge. The wind was slight from left to right and the blue pin was located at the back of the green on the upper tier. Blair took his club back and hit a perfect shot. When I say perfect, I mean it was perfect as his ball landed about 15 feet of the pin and rolled right into the hole for an eagle. It is the first time I have seen anyone hole out on the 7th hole for any distance. That propelled us to 12 under where we finished at the end of the round.

This was our best hole of the day and I was not even involved…..haha. I always say that I never want to putt in a scramble and now I have to add hit from the fairway as well. Imagine never having to hit for an entire round. It might be a bit boring and exciting at the same time.

Yesterday, we shot our best score in a very long time. We all contributed to the results and as you can see from above we made some great shots. However, our great time on the links was secondary to the benefits this charity event makes to the North Bay Humane Society. As their largest fundraiser, I hope it was as successful as we were on the course.

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!

4 thoughts on “Support Local Charity Golf Tournaments

  1. Sounds like you guys had one of those days where everything clicked. Wish I could say the same. I went out to play and left my putter at home again. I hate it when I do that. I putt pretty good with my gap wedge, but not as good as my putter and my score showed it. I finished 7 over today.

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