Playing Golf Versus Playing At Golf

There are two schools of golf I see on the links. Those who play golf and those who play at golf. The one little word in my statements changes so many things about time on the links that it should not be overlooked when deciding what path you want to take with respect to golf. It is not a new concept, but many players seem become confused when they encounter the fork in the road. Personally, I am on playing golf path and have been for many years.

I went to Youtube and searched “golf parody” and many videos popped up to explain golfers who play at golf. Some were funny and I am sure you can search those videos out if your are interested. The point is that playing at golf has its place for many golfers. They just want to have fun, talk a good game, but mostly just enjoy their time on the links. I fully support this approach because that is what golf is about……having fun.

My golf approach is slightly different. I do not get crazy with having to be a better player, but I think I am focused enough to slowly improve. I know I will never be the best player in the area, however I want to be the best player I can be. Fortunately, I have smatterings of that player that keeps fueling my desire to improve. So, for now I will follow the playing golf path on my golf journey.

It is important to note that many players jump back between the two paths. I like to think I can to this as well when the time is right.

So, what is the point behind my diatribe for today you may ask. Well, my point is that golf offers a plethora of opportunities to enjoy the sport. Regardless of how you approach this game of kings is up to you. All I can recommend is:

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!

4 thoughts on “Playing Golf Versus Playing At Golf

  1. Just a quick follow up to my previous post. I played my Hogan Apex classic persimmon woods from the 70’s and Hogan apex irons with an Otey Crisman hickory shafted putter.

    I shot 78 with nothing worse than a bogey. Two birdies, twenty nine putts with a putter from the fifties. My hole set today cost me less than $500.

    You don’t have to have the latest and greatest to have fun and score well. Classic and hickory era clubs teach you creativity and feel. My swing tempo is better than ever and I am having more fun.

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  2. I have always been a golf addict, from the time my father introduced me to the game. There are so many things about golf that appeal to me.

    I am more obsessed about playing golf and although I always want to play well, scoring well is not most important. Golf for me is an interesting journey of discovery, mostly personal.

    My passion for the game has not waned over the almost five decades of play. I no longer am obsessed with the pursuit of the latest technology, I get more satisfaction out of honing my skills with vintage equipment. Yesterday, I played with 1920 era MacGregors (shot 80, 10 pars, 8 bogeys). Today, I am playing my Hogan Apex irons and Persimmon woods and look forward to embracing a new challenge.

    My measurement of improvement is not based on purely score, more so on adapting my skills rather than technology.

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